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Ah! A life...

So, last night's plans were dashed due to unexpected early-a.m. "obligations." But! That still leaves tonight! About a month ago my good friend Trish said that we'd be venturing out to Randolph's. And it's going to happen! YEAH! I'm even bringing L-Tab, who I haven't seen in forever.

Randolph's is so cheesy and the people are... well... let's say about 60% of them were in their 20's during the 80's and somehow time moved on without them, leaving them with mullets, leather vests, Reverse-Fit jeans from the GAP and dreadful KEDS. But, the music's generally good and if you go with the right mix of people, it's always fun.

Then I spoke with my friend HeatherC last night who invited me to a party. Hmmm. I think I'll try squeezing in both. It's been EONS since I've had a night out like this.

And I'm hoping la horoscope is accurate:

There is a powerful force moving through your life that cannot be ignored any longer, Liz. Adjustments may be necessary for you to take full advantage of the energies at hand. You will find, however, that with a healthy balance of restriction and expansion, you can take the reins and set yourself on a solid road to success. There is a great amount of intensity to this day that will seep into just about every facet of your life.

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