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"I asked myself that question..."

Yesterday I spent about an hour on the phone with Tara. She's pretty down, of course, given the fact that she's basically going through Round 2 of getting her heart broken. (I used self-restraint to keep from saying "I TOLD YOU SO!!") We're going to meet up to see Kissing Jessica Stein tonight. Everyone who I've spoken to that has seen the movie loves it, so it ought to be good.

Through the course of the conversation I asked Tara why she waited until until after she and Nancy broke up for good to call me to exchange our stuff.

"Well, I meant to do it several times over the last few months," she answered. "But I kept putting it off and putting it off. Mostly because I felt really bad about how I treated you."

"Do you think if you and I didn't still have some of each other's things that you'd have ever called me anyway?" I asked.

"I've asked myself that same question," she sighed. "Probably, but I know I was worried about how you'd have reacted. I know that I hurt you pretty badly and so I figured I'd call you to exchange our stuff, which was a good enough reason to call. I'm really sorry for what I did. I admit, I had total tunnel vision when it came to Nancy. I should never have gotten involved with you like that in the first place because I definitely wasn't in a strong enough position and that wasn't fair to you."

And suddenly everything felt okay to me. She was sorry and sounded like she meant it. That was a big deal to me because deep down I didn't think she really cared about how she'd hurt me the way she did.

I'm glad we're getting to know each other as friends again. We do a lot of laughing and just clicked really well when we were together. I'm looking forward to having that again, even without the dating part. And I think she is, too.

And we even discussed a Mia, Colby, and Lola playdate, which I know would make my little Mi Mi very happy. ^_^

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