Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

"What a beautiful cat...!"

I probably heard that line at least 15 times yesterday. I took Mia to Petco to get the remainder of her shots and I hate doing it. I put her on her little leash and we take off in the car, which she loves. (the car, not the leash) But then we get to Petco, stand in line amongst caged, meowing kitties and big barking dogs. I can never get anything done because people fawn over her and the environment alone stresses her out to no end.

As I stood in line, I tried to fill out her paperwork, but she kept running up onto my back and leaping onto the shelves in attempts to hide. Then I'd have to drag her out from behind big bags of kitty litter.

Right before we got to the table where she was to receive her shots, Mia started this weird panting. I think she was hyperventilating, the poor thing.

The vet's assistant held her down while the vet administered the shots. Mia did not like it at all. She kicked, squirmed and shook. I felt so bad for her.

Finally the whole ordeal was over and we proceeded to the next table to pay. While I filled out the receipts, Mia tried to find her way out of the store. She'd had enough. I clipped the button on her retractable leash so she couldn't go far, but apparently not enough. She managed to get behind a dog food shelf and get stuck in mouse tape.


After leaving a few clumps of her tail's hair behind and unhooking her feet, we set out for home. She went right to sleep in the back seat of the car. Once we got to the house, she ate and then retired to sleep for the rest of the afternoon.

My poor baby. I wish I could somehow explain to her that if she plans on playing with Colby and Lola, she'd need her shots so she could safely go outside with them.

On that note, does anyone know if cats are generally good at finding their way back if they're let out? Mia's 8 months and has never been out on her own. Colby and Lola go out all day and return when called. Do you think Mia would follow suit?

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