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"You know, that was just so much fun..."

I called Tara yesterday to firm up our plans for tomorrow night. She wasn't home, but Mary was. We chatted for about 40 minutes or so about random things.

Before we hung up she said, "You know, that was just so much fun the other night! I'm only sorry we had to end it, since it was a Sunday night and we all had to be up early for work. But it was so great to see you and I hope we'll get to do that again soon."

I agreed, but said I hoped it wouldn't be the result of a broken down car again.

Tara had called last night, but I was already asleep and didn't hear the phone ring. I wouldn't have actually heard it anyway because my roommate was on the phone and didn't click over when the call came in.

We finally caught up today and agreed to meet tomorrow night at the theater. Let's hope it goes without incident! I'm dying to see Kissing Jessica Stein! It seems all the world's seen it but me! (and Tara)

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