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Liz Erk

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"Wherever, whoever, whatever, whenever, blah blah blah blah blah..."

Last night I sat in front of my parents' 53" screen TV and dozed in the recliner while watching Saturday Night Live. Shakira was on, that's the only reason I stayed up.

I was a mix of amused and horrified when she came out to sing the first song. Who on earth allowed her to go out with eyes so heavily lined, one could swear it was black crayon? And her outfit! It looked like she'd gone into her closet, took out everything and said, "I can't decide... I know! I'll wear all of it!"

Then I nearly spit out my soda as she began thrashing her dreads (yes, DREADS!). I wanted to reach into the TV, take her by the shoulders and say, "Shakira, dear, you are not Kid Rock..."

Anyway, I only made it through a couple of skits and "Whenever, wherever" before I fell asleep.

*Note to self... the recliner is not so great on the neck during a night's sleep, no matter how comfy it may appear...
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