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Lifetime: Conversations for Women...

LizzyErky: if you ever want to feel better, just turn on the Lifetime channel! Either someone's daughter was abducted by an estranged husband, or someone's raped stepmother has breast cancer after her own son tried to kill her...
FoxBurnx: lol, that's such a funny channel, but it is television for women. and i'm a women.
LizzyErky: I think they should rename Lifetime's tagline: "Lifetime: Tragedies for women"
FoxBurnx: hahahahhahaha! it so is
LizzyErky: I know it
LizzyErky: remember the Brooke Shields movie about the Lesbian Lupus couple?
FoxBurnx: it does raise the self esteem levels dramatically. hahahahaha yeah.
LizzyErky: It was a great movie, but figures it was on Lifetime
FoxBurnx: yeah
FoxBurnx: well they all are
FoxBurnx: they're just funny though when it gets to the point of ridiculousness. definitely a self esteem boost
LizzyErky: exactly!
FoxBurnx: it's like the hick channel, really. only they think it's reality television
LizzyErky: LOL
FoxBurnx: i'm so mean
LizzyErky: why??
FoxBurnx: cause i make fun of hicks, but like the only two people i've ever really loved were hicks
FoxBurnx: hahahahha
LizzyErky: LOL
LizzyErky: You could be a Lifetime story!
FoxBurnx: i'm not even kidding! my friends think that i should move out to a trailer park
LizzyErky: "To love a Hick" a Lifetime Original Movie.
FoxBurnx: and have a black gothic trailer, and beat my housewife
LizzyErky: LOL
FoxBurnx: only i don't beat people, but still
FoxBurnx: i could kick her
LizzyErky: LOL
LizzyErky: I can't stop laughing!
FoxBurnx: and it would look really good on tv
LizzyErky: LOL
LizzyErky: "To Love a Hick", Starring Judith Light
LizzyErky: She's always in those
LizzyErky: you know,that chick from Who's the Boss?
FoxBurnx: lol
FoxBurnx: yeah yeah, totally
LizzyErky: LOL
FoxBurnx: oh, and the Ladds. they're in EVERYTHING. what are their names?
FoxBurnx: jordan and someone?
FoxBurnx: lol
LizzyErky: I have no idea who the Ladds are
FoxBurnx: cheryl ladd.
FoxBurnx: she's in everything too.
LizzyErky: LOL
FoxBurnx: no seriously if you look them up her entire portfolio is like
FoxBurnx: "vows of deception"
FoxBurnx: "dancing with danger"
FoxBurnx: "dead before dawn"
FoxBurnx: "locked up: a mother's rage"
LizzyErky: HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
LizzyErky: Locked Up: A Mother's Rage!
FoxBurnx: and jordan's like
FoxBurnx: "every mother's worst fear"
LizzyErky: Where's this? The Lifetime site?
LizzyErky: LOL!!
FoxBurnx: "the deadly look of love"
FoxBurnx: hahahaha
LizzyErky: LOL
FoxBurnx: no...uhm...
FoxBurnx: "the girl who came between them"
FoxBurnx: "broken promises: taking emily back"
LizzyErky: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FoxBurnx: the thing is, they're like mother and daughter, but they're all in everything together
FoxBurnx: well you must admit. they are a bit over the top. ok, extremely. ok, ridiculously.
LizzyErky: That's why I wonder how they get sponsors
FoxBurnx: i have no idea.
FoxBurnx: but their sponsors are all weird too. like specially enhanced cat food to make your cat's eyes glow in the dark
FoxBurnx: i mean, i swear, they're weird.
LizzyErky: LOL!!!

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