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"Come and knock on our door..."

Last night was such a nice low-key evening spent with Tara and her Mom. We were supposed to (along with one of their other friends) go out for Mary's birthday, but we wound up postponing that until next Saturday. I didn't get there until 9:30, Mary was tired and their friend couldn't come. (We're going to try and see Panic Room next week. Heh.)

Instead, we hung out and watched part of a terrible Lifetime movie, Tara and I horrified Mary with a very poor rendition of the Three's Company theme song, along with reenacting our favorite tragic Little House on the Prairie scenes, and then finally all three of us sprawled out on Tara's bed and watched Stepmom.

Mary was excited because I gave her a fleece vest, in hopes of encouraging her to get more exercise. She loved it and wore it the rest of the night. (She even left me a voice mail this morning telling me that it's now her "uniform," that she was very glad I came over, and that she can't wait to see me soon.)

Next thing I knew, Emma, their dog, jumped on me and I leaped up. We'd all fallen asleep! It was 1:30 a.m. and I had to be up at 7:00 for a client and had an hour drive ahead of me! Tara asked me if I wanted to just stay over. My answer was an immediate "no." That would have been way too weird for me. As sorted out about everything as I am, sleeping in her bed would have been terrible. Plus I would have had to drive home to get dressed for work anyway.

I got home at 2:30 a.m., muttered every obscenity as I realized I had to lose an hour of sleep by switching my clock, and dropped into bed. I feel utterly exhausted, but it was worth it to spend such a nice evening with those two.

I gave Tara the letter I wrote on my way out, too. I'm sure she hasn't read it yet. She was half asleep as I left and also mentioned having baseball tryouts this morning. I feel good about that letter and it really says everything I had floating around in my mind.

Okay, nap time...

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