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Looooooong Daaaaaaay...

Gah! I am so glad this day is *finally* over. It's been good, but so freakin' long.

Let's see... interview at GC... went AWESOME! They were like, "When you start working here..."

But, of course, as the past has taught me NUMEROUS times... don't get excited until they place an offer on the table. I will hear tomorrow or Thursday.

After that I had lunch with M. It was fun, we got to just talk and walk around. Then I went with him back to the office and said "hi" to my old coworkers. Wow, I had no idea how much I miss those guys! Lotsa hugs and smiles. It was great to know that I'm missed in return.

Then I had a the most BORING shift at HW followed by a really fun PT session with a client. I'm so exhauated, I took the train and walked everywhere.

Lastly I'm having a late dinner with Tre. Then I'm supposed to go over M's. But I'm so tired, I think I'm going to crash here.

But I'm SO excited for tomorrow!!!! I'm working out with Mia the "Wonder Trainer" and then having lunch with *her*. I'm going to bring fixin's for sandwiches and I'm even making chocolate covered strawberries tonight, too! : )

Okay... Tre's out of the shower. Time for dinner...!

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