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I dunno... my roommates aren't earning their keep. In fact, I haven't seen either of them in quite sometime. My neighbors leave the foyer light on, so all sorts of lovely critters loiter there. No matter how fast I open and shut the door, interesting little creatures get in.

Let's see, today I've had to let out a June Bug, 2 moths, squashed a big-ass mosquito... how fun. Where are my damn spiders??

Anyway, I told *her* about my spiders and she was like, "Ew!" So I guess I won't be inviting her to hang out with us. Oh well, they're boring anyway. They don't talk and they rudely leave the room without saying good-bye.

Wow, this is going to be a crammed weekend. (I'm already thinking ahead) I am so bummed though. NYC Pride is on Sunday and my Grandma and Mom are coming to visit. I've always wanted to go to Pride down there. Oh well.

Then Cora's flying in from Tulsa on Saturday to attend BU rowing camp, so I'll go get her from the airport and we'll get to hang out this week. I'm glad, I've missed her a lot.

The *she's* going away for the weekend, so I get to play with Lulu and Francis while she's gone. I'm having "Lulu Withdrawl." What will I do when my allergies return?!?! I'll be devastated.

M's heading to NY, too. So he'll be away until Monday.

I said good-bye to Tre earlier. He and his band are heading to Washington DC. I was sad to see him go. He's so awesome and we have so much to talk about constantly. He gave me a copy of his band's CD. I listened to it on my way home. Wow! They are GOOD! I think they'll go far.

Okay. Time for bed. Killer workout in the a.m.!

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