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My cat is a dog...

Yesterday was sooooooooooooo much fun!! I was supposed to go to a CPR class, but I ended up blowing it off. (I'll have to figure out how I'll explain that one) It was just too nice out!

Instead, drove myself and Mia up to Tara's early so Mia could have a playdate. It wound up being more of a "hiss date." It was way too funny... Mia hissed at Colby and Lola hissed at Mia. But even funnier was Emma, their big English Springer Spaniel. She was so curious about Mia, but Mia wanted nothing to do with her. Rather than run from Emma, Mia charged after Emma, hissing and growling. Go Mia!

At first I thought Mia would be resigned to staying in the house because she wasn't playing with Lola and Colby. Those two stay outside and each time Mia would go to investigate them, they'd run, hide, and peek out at her. It was very funny. So Tara and I went up to her Mom's office to file her taxes online while Mia played at our feet.

Finally I decided that I'd try and see how Mia would behave outside without the leash. Oh my GOODNESS! She is a little dog!! She LOVED it! She'd run, she'd chase me, come to me when I called. She was like a little jack rabbit, it was the cutest thing I'd ever seen!! She was in heaven!

Tara and I made a very sad attempt at playing baseball in the yard while the animals ran around. If the ball was hit far away, Mia would run after it and stand on top of it because it was too big for her to pick up.

The worst was when I hit a ball that clipped Emma in the mouth. Luckily it wasn't a direct hit or else I'd have broken her teeth. It just caught her under the jaw. But Mia wasn't so lucky. As Tara stood, swinging the bat back and forth while I chased after the ball, she didn't see Mia standing behind her. She whacked Mia in the butt and Mia took off running and hit under the neighbors' back deck. 20 minutes I crouched there, promising num-nums if she'd emerge.

She's definitely a cat.

Anyway, after all that, their friend Crea came up and we had a great dinner and awesome cake. Then, alas, it was time to go. Mia and I were EXHAUSTED. Mia also did not want to leave. She tried to get right back out of the car as soon as I put her in it.

But once we were on our way, she was sound asleep.

Today Tara and I are going to the batting cages to see if we can do better if a machine pitches, rather than us. I called her as soon as I got home from HW and began leaving a message on the machine when Mary interrupted by picking up.

"Are you looking for your girlfriend?" She asked in a cheery voice.

Startled, I said, "Wha-what?"

"Are you looking for your girlfriend," she repeated.

"Uh...," I said. I almost said, 'no, I'm looking for Tara...', but decided against that. I figured Mary meant it innocently.

"Um, is Tara up yet?" I asked.

"She's vacuuming her room, I'll get her..." she replied.

Yikes. As little as that was, it made me feel weird.

Anyway, the plans are set. I haven't gone batting in over a year, so I'm VERY excited!! I wish I could take Mia up again, but I can't leave her alone out there. Tara did promise I could bring her again, so that's good at least.

Okay, off I go...

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