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"Go, Nancy!"

To me, there's nothing more exciting, satisying, or inspirational than watching someone I've trained for several months run the Boston Marathon. One of my other clients, Gail stood with me along the sidelines by Coolidge Corner as I eagerly awaited for my client, Nancy to zip by.

For 45 minutes we watched runner after runner, some looking as energized as when they'd first started, some weary with fatigue, and some who just plain pissed me off because they were numberless, indicating that they'd jumped in at some point along the route. (Cheaters.)

As I was scanning the sea of men and women at 3:02 p.m., I suddenly saw a 5 foot tall, dark-haired and tanned woman breeze by in a colorful tanktop. "Nancy" was etched on her left arm.

"Yeah!!! Go NANCY!!!!"

She looked as though she'd barely begun, she was so impressive. As I called out to her, she turned, grinned and gave me a "thumbs-up."

I love Personal Training.

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