Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

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Spooning Kitty!

Cora is growing cuter by the day! She's very affectionate and just all around adorable! But she took me by surprise when she wanted to cuddle up with me last night. Instead of just sitting on my neck, or head-butting my mouth and chin like usual, she laid down on her side, her back to me, and scooted backwards until she was against my chest.

I had my arm above my head and a little in front of me, so after she positioned her body the way she wanted it, she then took her paw and wrapped it around my arm. For the finishing touch, she rested her head back against my chin and began purring contentedly.

I have the cutest cats in the world. Between Lassie, er, I mean Mia, Cora the sweet, and Henry the pain-in-the-ass, I've got three wonderful children! ^_^
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