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Life is full of little disappointments...

...And today had one of them.

*She* wants to just be friends. I actually wasn't all that surprised, but I admit, I was pretty bummed. I was glad that she was honest with me early on before I really started to feel anything. I always try to be honest with people about how I'm feeling, so I appreciate the same respect. And the fact that she was able to do that makes me glad that we are friends. I hope we continue to be for a long time.

I was telling my friend Kim about it on my cell phone on the way home. Kim and I are pretty tight, so she's known about everything from the get go.

Of course, as a typical day would have it be for me, I pulled up my street, I saw people doing construction on my road, so I had to turn around and go all the way to the other side of the neighborhood to get to my house. However, a mother and little girl were standing in a crosswalk and it didn't look like they were coming across, so I made my U-Turn.

Next thing I know the Crossing Guard / Cop come running to my car, yelling at me. Kim's stilll on the phone, so she hears him. It was funny, he sounded like Mr. Ferley from Three's Company.

After saying I'm sorry and getting yelled at some more for having been on my cell phone while driving, I drive away. Kim starts laughing and goes, "Was that a cop?'

I was like, "yeah."

She said, "I figured. Because if it were anyone else I was waiting to hear you start saying, 'fuck you'..."

Hee hee. She's right.

So, yes, a bit of a disappointing day, but oh well.

No word yet from GC...

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