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Division 3A

Today was my first soccer game. Yipes. The only thing I had going for me was that I am in shape and agile. I had pretty much forgotten how to play and figured it would come back to me throughout the game.


I wasn't dreadful, but I wasn't very effective either because I couldn't remember exactly what my position required me to do. First I played one of the Centers, then Full-Back. After that, I decided to stay out of the second half in order to concentrate on watching what everyone did.

Admittedly, this division is a lot more competitive than I initially thought. But I think on the upside, once I'm refreshed on how to exactly play, I'll be glad because I love playing aggressively at any sport I do.

I haven't played soccer since I was 15. I had stopped because during one of my practices I had to wear my glasses. My left contact lense had ripped that morning, so I had no choice. As I was charging one of my teammates, she kicked the ball right into my face. My left eyeglass lense popped out and cut me right about my left eye. Bled everywhere.

After that, I could not charge the ball without flinching or ducking. It was way embarrassing, so I quit.

10 years later (!!!!!! I feel old saying that) I've decided to face my fear. It appears the experience is no longer a problem, but I lost my knowledge on how to play. Frustrating.

Right now I'm reading websites with descriptions on all the positons and what not. Any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated... ^_^
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