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I don't think I'm capable of finding just the right words to describe my date with Sarah last night. I have not had such an amazing time out with someone in eons. We are compatible on every level!

I showed up at her house, not really knowing what to expect... The only thing I had to go on was a picture that didn't clearly show what she exactly looked like and some fun e-mail and telephone exchanges.

I rang the doorbell and a minute later was greeted by a strikingly cute tall woman with redish medium wavy hair, sweet little glasses, and a warm smile. (In fact, I immediately likened her to G. And not too long later discovered similar personality traits between the two)

After Sarah showed me around her gorgeous house, she drove us to The Blue Room. The dinner was great, but even more incredible was the conversation. She's remarkably engaging and we shared some good laughs. What I discovered very early on was how she and I balance each other out. She's very laid back and moves at a slower, calmer pace. I'm the total opposite... go! go! go! hurry! : )

After dinner we made our way to the movie theater to see "Life, or Something like it." It was pretty good! Not Mizz Jolie's absolute best work, but great nonetheless.

Halfway through the movie Sarah and I wound up sharing a kiss. I was immediately swept away and forgot where I was. Her kisses are absolutely amazing and send tingles through my spine...

After the movie we headed back to her house and chatted some more and what not. I wound up spending the night (no, *that* did not happen) and we stayed snuggled in each other's arms until just a short while ago.

I really like this woman! Someone pinch me!! She lives less than 5 minutes away, is not fresh out of a relationship, seems completely sane, and is absolutely fun to be around.

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