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"We're going to pump... you UP!"

Hee hee... I just got back from my photo session at HW. I work at two locations. One's a bit more creative than the other. The downtown location took head shots, the other wanted action photos.

I didn't know this, I thought it'd be like downtown. So I show up in board shorts, tank top, and Tevas. I figured I'd throw on my PT jacket and smile, go home, eat dinner, return for boring late shift.

Next thing I know I'm rowing, being told to look straight ahead and "stay right there... good, good, now slowly move back..." and then, "Okay, lean in on the bike, look straight, good good, very nice... okay, now stand up and lean out... perfect" and finally upright rows on the Nautilus, "okay, bring the handles closer to you, it really causes your shoulders to stand out... great! Hold it there... good, now slowly extend... excellent. We really want to show off your arms..."

I was mortified. Members were staring at me, one woman actually asked me if I was modeling. Ha! Yeah, right! Try again.

Ugh. I need a nap. It's been too much of a day...

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