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Simpler times...

After a little over two years of only running indoors, I ventured outside Monday for a 30 min. run and another yesterday for 45 min. Because of my exercise induced asthma combined with the pollution and pollen, I would typically get a really tight chest and wheeze to the point that I had to stop running. So I gave it up and was resigned to indoor running. The only activities I could do outside were biking, rowing, and walking.

Now that I have the acupuncture every week and the inhaler once every two weeks, I thought I might try running outdoors again. And was it AMAZING! I decided to try a new route and turn away from the river, which sent me in the direction of Sarah's house.

On Monday it took me 25 min. to get to her place. Yesterday it took me 19! Thoughts of Sarah are a great motivator! ^_^ The more I thought of her, the faster I ran. Now imagine how fast I would have gone if she were actually home??

After I arrived home from running yesterday I saw an ice cream truck parked at the school. I went inside my house and got out a couple dollars. I hadn't bought anything from an ice cream truck since I was 16.

As I walked toward the little truck I found myself getting an excitement I hadn't felt since I was a kid. My mind immediately spun back to hot summer days spent where I used to live in Queens, NY... days of jump roping, playing in the park, riding bikes, and chasing the Mr. Softee truck.

My favorite ice cream to get was one called "Bubble O'Bill." It was a vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavored bar in the shape of a cowboy's face. His nose was even a bubble gum ball.

When it was my turn to order at the truck, I discovered that Bubble O'Bill was still around after all of these years. I purchased one and started to head back to my house when I suddenly stopped, turned, and spied the school yard swings. They were the sturdy kind that was anchored by poles cemented into the ground... the perfect kind to go really high on.

I hurried towards the swings and had to use restraint to keep from skipping. There were too many people around... no need to scare anyone.

For the next 10 minutes I lazily swung back and forth, nibbling on my ice cream. When I was done, I threw away the stick and began swinging as high as I could. For that hour I was no longer a 25 year old with stress and financial woes.

I was a 10 year old who had nothing to worry about except for how high I should be going before I let myself fly off the swing mid-air...

And with that release, reality returned. But somehow everything seemed so much better.

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