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"Mia, Mia, Mia!"

Emersen's a fat cat. She's 4 years old and absolutely adorable. I will have to post pictures of her after we move.

She still has not warmed to Mia and Cora. Both of them still want Emersen to love them, Cora making countless attemps at flopping onto Emersen to snuggle. It's the same result everytime: Emersen yowling, then hissing and Cora running away to hide.

Mia, on the other hand, needs to be "the big cat." Emersen still yells at her and Mia then turns around and jumps on her. Then there's hissing and "Mrrroowing," and then all's well.

Our new house is set on a quiet, relatively safe street. Emersen has discovered her passion for the outdoors, running outside every chance she gets. Once outside she meows, eats grass, then proceeds to roll around on the sidewalk.

Mia, of course, realizes that she needs to run outside, too. But she doesn't flop around on the sidewalk, she tries to run into the neighbors yards or disappear into the bushes and trees. Manier times I've come home and been surprised by crafty Mia hiding just inside the door, waiting for the moment I push it open so she can dart out.


Three times I've had to drop what I was carrying to run through the neighbors' hedges to catch Mia just before she disappeared through a narrow fence. I'm terrified of her being outside alone because I know she'll either get lost or hit by a car. She's terrified of cars as they drive by and freaks out whenever I'm holding her and one drives by.

Take, for instance, Sarah's and my excursion to a big field on Sunday. We took Mia there to let her run. It was a little overwhelming for her, though. It wasn't like Tara's where it's surrounded by trees and the house is close by. It was really wide and you could see the road.

Sarah took Mia to one end and I stood at the other calling, "Mia Mia Mia!!" Sarah would then set her down and Mia would run toward me like a little jackrabbit. When she'd reach me, she'd then trot past me to investigate the fence. We did this 3 times until Mia was panting and I thought we should take her home to get water.

As I carried Mia to the car, a big truck stopped and made a REALLY loud "HISS!" noise that scared the crap out of Mia. She began kicking to try to run and hide. I now have several scratches and bruises down my left arm, as well as big scratches across my stomach from her back legs. Plus my tank top has several big holes in it.

So, that said, Mia does not do well with cars and I will never allow her to be an outdoor cat.

I'm going to re-leash train Mia. She used to wear it just fine, but now when I put it on, she sags, acting like I've attached her to a big ball and chain.

Poor tortured cat.

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