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Mia the Rooster!

About 2 weeks before Sarah and I moved, Mia began a morning ritual that had Sarah throwing pillows and me laughing. Each day she'd climb to the highest point in the room, which was the cable box on top of the T.V. and sit up nice and tall and start chirping.

"Pourrrrrrrrrrr meow! Pourrrrrrrrrrr meow! Meow! Meow!"

I'd wake slightly and laugh, Sarah would open one eye and groan, "Mi-ia! Stop it!" Then she'd either throw a pillow or Mia would jump down, knocking everything over on her way.

Anyone in the world would probably think this was cute, except for Sarah. But maybe that's because Mia usually does this at 4:40 a.m.

Personally, I think it's Mia's way of saying, "Here I am! Get up and feed Miiiiiiiiiiiii!"

Since we've moved, our new bedroom has a different high point. For now it's the slippery narrow curve of our bed's headboard. Sunday morning Mia made her way up there and began to chirp. As I woke up, I looked and saw Mia teetering, trying to hold her head high and calling, "Pourrrrrrrrrr meow! Pourrrrrrrrrrr meow! Meow! Me---"

Oops! She fell off the headboard, but caught herself on one of the lower squares of the structure.

"Mia...!" Sarah groaned.

Hee hee hee.

This morning I was so asleep, I missed Mia's rooster call, but stirred enough to hear Sarah saying, "Hey, Mia! Get down!" Then I heard items clatter off the dresser onto the floor. Mia had knocked my watch and inhaler down as she leaped onto the floor.

It's never ever dull, I tells ya...! And this Saturday little Mi turns 1!

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