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"We need to bring in 3 more hoisters..."

So, the move to our new place was faaaaaaaar from simple. We hired movers to pack our stuff on Thursday and move it all on Friday. The packing was easy, it was the move that was insane.

Friday morning the movers came to my house at 8:00 a.m. to load one truck, while two others filled another truck at Sarah's. By 11:00, the movers finished my house and at 1:00 they completed Sarah's.

After a lunch break the movers arrived with both trucks at our new place around 2:00. And thus the nightmare began...

First the movers unloaded my truck. I had no idea I had so much stuff! They filled the truck to near-capacity. It took them until 5:00 to get all of my boxes in. However, my move was no match for Sarah's. From 5:00 to 9:00 they brought in box after box, piece of furniture after piece of furniture.

And then the kicker: all of Sarah's larger items like bookshelves, entertainment unit, couches, boxspring, tables, etc. had to be hoisted in over the back deck via 3 more guys the movers had to call in to help. We're on the second floor, so it was quite a scene.

By 11:30 the move was complete and Sarah and I were faced with literally wall-to-wall boxes and furniture. In order to maneuver your way around the house, you have to squeeze between box after box. Our house is more like a maze, really.

Weary, we both went to bed soon after and hoped that by morning the moving fairies would have unpacked everything. No such luck, of course. We woke up to a living nightmare of... stuff.

After a weekend of hard work, we are only able to use the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. We can't really get through the office and forget seeing the living room windows!

We have at least three weeks worth of unpacking and decorating ahead of us. I've also discovered that my new name is, "Honeycanyou."

"Honeycanyou bring me that box? It's too heavy to lift..."

"Honeycanyou take out the trash? It's full of all the packing material."

"Honeycanyou bring the rolled up rugs to the attic? Cora keeps scratching at them..."

Heeheehee. I love Sarah. She's doing the unpacking for the "common rooms," since she knows how she wants everything to look. I couldn't care less, so I get to be the box mover, trash remover, box break-downer, food fetcher and random task-handler.

In kitty news, the cats are THRILLED to have us living with them. They can't get enough of us. They sleep on us, they follow us around and they chat with us constantly.

Mia and Emersen are having territory issues. Emersen yells at Mia, then Mia waits for Emersen to turn her back and then she pounces on her. Instead of stopping there, they start rolling around, hissing and snorting until I run in and start yelling at them to knock it off.

Mia and I are also having territory issues, which results in Sarah lecturing me. Sarah doesn't want Mia or Cora on the surfaces, like dressers or kitchen counters. In my old house, I never really cared, since they didn't get in my way. So we've been shooing the girls off of everything and it's been going well, except until lately where Mia's been pushing back every now and then.

For example the other day she was on the dining room table and I said, "Mia, OFF!" Rather than jumping down and running off with her tail straight up, she turned and yelled at me, "Miiii!," which was then followed by her putting her mouth on my hand. She doesn't really bite, she just closes her mouth on my hand to say, "Screw you! I wanna be up here, so leave me alone!"

She also swats at me with her paw. Not scratching, just patting my hand to say, "Back off, I SAID I wanna be up here!"

At that point I say, "Sa-rah! Help me!"

Then Sarah comes in and says, "Mia, OFF!" And before Mia can do anything, she pushes Mia off the surface by the butt and Mia runs off.

Last night Mia got on the bedroom air conditioner and Sarah said from the bed, "Liz, get her off, please," since I happened to be standing there.

"Mia, OFF!" I said.

"Miiiiiiii!" Mia said defiantly.

"Hey!" I protested as she started to put her mouth on my hand. Then the two of us started swatting at each other's hands. (well, in her case, paws) We looked ridiculous, like we were playing a game of Who Can Hit the Other's Hand First.

"Sa-rah!" I called out, looking at Sarah helplessly.

Frowning and shaking her head, she got up from the bed. "You know, you two really are exactly alike. She's literally a little you."

Then she turned to Mia, "Mia, OFF!"

"Miiiii!" Mia replied, still refusing to get down.

Then Sarah shoved her off by the butt and Mia ran out of the room, making her chirping noise.

"Liz, you're supposed to show her you're the big cat," Sarah said.

"Yeah, yeah," I groaned. I can't yell at that cat, she's too cute and funny.

Oh well, that's what Sarah's for. ^_^
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