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Yeeee haaaaaaaaawwww!

I'm an official Senior Account Executive! I received my formal letter of offer from TPI, the agency founded by the former pres. of my old old old job, M/ST. I'm so excited! I loved M/ST, so it's like being there all over again, just smaller. There's seven of us and 4 out of 7 are from M/ST.

I'd left M/ST because they merged with another agency I didn't care to work for back in November of 2000.

After doing TPI on a per diem basis for the past month and a half to show my skills and prove I was worth the investment, they decided to make me permanent. I love my clients and I love the atmosphere here! I feel no dread or anxiety whenever I come here.

I'm finally where I've been striving to be over the last 2 years: at a job I love and feel good about, with a girlfriend who loves me as much as I love her, living in a nice neighborhood, and feeling healthy! Plus I get to personal train part-time, so I'm still able to maintain my hobby and passion.

I fought hard to get here and it was all worth it. I know at my darkest times it was really hard to see any possible good, but I never gave up. I feel stronger, wiser, and truly thankful for all I have.

And I know I couldn't have possibly done it without the help of my friends both on LJ (sorry, don't know how to make that link thing to make "friends" into a hyperlink) and otherwise. (You know, secretly I even have to thank those who "gave me hell and heartache." Without the added incentive to try harder, I may not have gotten this far)

The words "thank you" aren't enough, but it's the best I can come up with for now. Love to you all!


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