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Moving Right Along...

Just got a call from GCG... "Liz, hi, it's MH. Just wanted to see about you coming in tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. to meet with PG." (he's the founder of GC)

When you get in front of the "big guns" like that, it's a good sign. The race is on! My Dad's having a lawyer friend of his review the non-compete that I received from the other agency regarding writing press releases for them. I'd get paid per-release.

If I don't get GC, I'm going to sign the non-compete. So at least SOMETHING's going to happen. : )

I can NOT get motivated today. I think because I've been going 150 mph all week, I'm finally drained. I've been eating chocolate covered strawberries and cherries that I made yesterday. Way too good. I better put them away. : )
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