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My Dad's absolutely cool sometimes...

He says he arranged Area2 tickets for me and Sarah tomorrow via his client John Digweed. Supposedly they're at Will Call, but I'm still scarred for life after he said he cleared me for a guest list and backstage party passes for Space Hog. My friends and I got to the venue and we totally weren't on the list. We got in anyway because the woman said, "Start throwing out names" and I was able to supply the roadie, his assistants and all of the band members full names. We got in okay, but I was royally embarrassed.

I had no problem with the B52's and Go-Go's show the summer before last, hee hee. I felt like I was 9 years old again!

Anyway, my Dad said John Digweed's manager arranged my tickets to be at Will Call, but I'm not one to trust it, so I've been calling the manager all afternoon at various locations. I wound up just leaving voice mail at his house. I was mortified to call at first because I felt like I was harrassing the guy. But my Dad said, "Nah, he owes me, so it's not a problem..."

I'm hoping this works out because I really want to go to this thing, but namely because I'm a HUGE fan of Moby, Digweed, Tiesto and David Bowie. So we shall see...

I rarely ever take advantage of my Dad's contacts, but this time I couldn't resist!

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