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Kujo Kitty!

I am LOVING where Sarah and I live! The unpacking's been a very slooooow and patience-wearing experience, but I'll tell you, I can't remember the last time I've been happier!

We didn't get to see Area 2, much to my dismay, but John Digweed's promoter apologized profusely and is going to send me mix CD's. He's also going to set me up for the next time Digweed's in town. So that's good, I guess.

Still, I'd have liked to have gone to Area 2. Oh well.

Instead, Sarah and I did more work on the house and took the kitties outside to play. They all share a deep love for the bushes. Other than that, they all like to do different things that keep me and Sarah running.

Mia: loves to inspect the bushes, take off running for the woods on occasion and likes to stalk birds.

Cora: likes to follow her big sister, but when she's not, she's crawling around the branches of the front bushes. She also likes to make attempts at running to the neighbors' front porch.

Emersen: eats grass.

The best was then the neighbor's big dogs came running over to the cats.

"Woof!," said the gigantic black dog.

"Mew!," said Cora as she took off running into the house.

"Yawn," said Emersen as she barely acknowledged the dog's existence.

"Hisssssssss! Skreee!" said Kujo Mia as she arched her back and got up on hind legs.

After I realized Cora was in the house, I started laughing. If we hadn't picked up Mia, she would have tried to rip the barking black dog's face off. She's such a tough girl!

And apparently she must have had some kind of attack-cat high because as soon as Emersen went into the house, Mia followed. Less than 5 seconds later, "Reeeeooow! **SNORT!** Hisssssss!"

Sarah and I just shook our heads. We love our girls!

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