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I wear a furry hat to bed...

Yes, I do. And it's real fur. It keeps me warm and I have no shame in the fact that it's from a live animal.

Night after night Cora insists on lying on my head. I'll be drifting off to sleep when suddenly I feel the slightest shift beside me... then one little foot, two, then four are on my chest. I open one eye and see Cora sitting there, almost nose-to-nose with me.

As I close my eyes again, she begins her hypnotic purring and starts shifting around... sideways, on her back, beside me with one paw on my shoulder, on my neck, until finally she moves up and settles on my head.

Now the first time she did this I kept nudging her away. But over the last few weeks I became accustomed to the rythmic vibrations off her purr and started sleeping on my side to use her little body as an extension of my pillow. She winds up curving around the top of my head, blocking out all other sound and just lullabys me to sleep.

Last night I began to wonder why she's so attached to me and insists on sleeping as close to my face as possible. A lot of times she positions herself so that she's resting on my mouth. And if I move her away, she'll go do the same to Sarah, but always ends up back on me within a few minutes.

(In fact, a lot of times she'll go right to Sarah after she's eaten, typically at 5:00 a.m. after I feed her and Mia before I leave for personal training. Then I hear a disgusted cough followed by Sarah's groggy voice, "Hello, Fish-Breath...")

As the air conditioner hummed and I lazily stroked Cora's fur it hit me: Cora's been attached to me because I raised her, naturally. But I remember her really becoming clingy around the time when I ran out of oil and couldn't fill the tank. Night after night she'd climb in bed with me and get as close as possible. Usually she'd move on to Mia later if she got in bed. (I imagine because Mia's furrier than I)

We had a relatively mild winter, thankfully, but my house was never particularly warm. When I started dating Sarah this past Spring and the girls moved in with her, Cora and Mia spent hours in Sarah's fluffy down bed, snuggled together, despite mild temperatures. They were just too adorable.

So, I suppose last night was yet another moment in which I was thankful for all of the great changes that took place over the last 4 months. As I looked at little Cora purring contentedly, her little slanted Siamese eyes slowly closing with exhaustion, I had to smile. She and Mia are my babies and I can't imagine life without them. And what's more, I can't imagine my life without Sarah and Emersen either.

We have a sweet little (chaotic) family.

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