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Oh dear!

I nearly laughed my ass off at Renee Graham's (Boston Globe) review of Axl Rose's performance at the VMA:

"This wasn't the lithe, sinewy Axl of 1987 but a middle-age man desperate to prove time hasn't eroded his ability to whip an audience into a frenzy. Wearing his trademark bandanna - swaddling what had to be long, braided hair extensions - he huffed and puffed his way through "Welcome to the Jungle." By the end of the song, and he only sang a snippet, he couldn't have been more winded if he'd been running up Heartbreak Hill with a piano on his back. For someone who hasn't done much singing in public since the early 1990s, Axl wasn't in good voice."


"He closed his three-song medley with another G N' R chestnut, "Paradise City," but as with "Welcome to the Jungle," it was almost more than Axl could handle. His backup band did its part to keep things pumping along but pretty much left Axl eating its dust. I mean, come on - Axl was upstaged by the aptly monikered Buckethead, a guitarist who wears a KFC bucket on his head."


"We've moved on, while Axl still wants to party like it's 1989. Showered in confetti at the end of his performance, Axl raised his arms over his head and proclaimed, "Round one." Down for the count was more like it. If this woeful performance was meant to show that Axl is tanned, rested, and ready to vie for the rock crown again, all it really proved was that rust indeed never sleeps."

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