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Reported by the "The Gay City News:"

Harry Potter and the Popular Broomstick
The “Nimbus 2000” toy broomstick from the Harry Potter stories has become a big hit with teenage girls, the New York Post reported—because it vibrates.

Parents writing on the website are expressing amazement at its popularity with girls. A mother wrote that she bought it for her son, but that her daughter “fights him” for it and is bereft when the batteries go down. “When my 12-year-old daughter asked for this for her birthday,” another mom wrote, “I kind of wondered if she was too old for it, but she seems to love it.” Still another caught on to the toy’s real appeal and has removed the batteries from her daughter’s “Nimbus.”

“Page Six” also reported that the third Potter film will be directed by Alfonso Cuaron who did Y Tu Mama Tambien, the gay-ish coming-of-age film. Chris Columbus helmed the first two.
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