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When Mia attacks...

Sarah's Mom came to stay with us this past weekend. It was a great time and it certainly flew by. Before her arrival, Sarah and I cleaned the house a bit and decided to clip the cats' nails.

Mia and Cora are typically easy, except when Mia sometimes decides she's had enough. For instance, we'd attempted to clip her nails on Tuesday of last week, but only managed to get through her front feet. Since Mia usually debates with me anything I make her do (like get off the counter tops or other furniture surfaces she doesn't belong on), she naturally protested the nail trimming. She never gives Sarah a hard time because Sarah's managed to establish herself as the "big cat." (Hmph)

After we finished her left front leg Mia said, "Meeeee!" and put her mouth on my hand. She didn't bite, just held on and looked up at me with her eyes.

"Sarah, I think she's had enough," I said, nodding my head toward Mia clamped to my hand.

"But we haven't done her back legs yet," She objected.

"Yeah, well, I think she's made it clear that she's done with us for now."

Sarah shook her head, "You need to be the 'big cat' and show her that we're not done."

"Well, that would normally be a great idea," I said, "but her mouth full of sharp teeth is on my hand and I'm not going to give her a chance to take a bite out of me."

Then I looked at Mia, "Okay. Go ahead. We'll finish later."

"Meeeee," she said and leaped off the bed.

Anyway, we decided to resume nail trimming on Thursday before Sarah's Mom arrived. Sarah thought we ought to start with Emersen, since she's the toughest. Emersen wails like she's on her way to the gallows whenever we do this, plus she tries to scratch and kick her way out of it. We always have to put her in a towel or blanket to accomplish anything.

Shutting Emersen in the bathroom, Sarah gathered her up in a towel. "Mroooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!"

After we trimmed her nails, we realized that we needed to cut out a clump of hair.

"Liz," Sarah said, "go grab a pair of scissors from the kitchen. May as well do this now while we have her here."

As I went to get the scissors, I must not have closed the bathroom door all the way. I looked up in time to see Mia's tail disappear inside the bathroom, followed by Sarah saying, "Oh, f*ck! Emersen...!"

"Rooooooooooooowr!" Said Emersen, followed by the sounds of a struggle. I imagined Emersen must have kicked Sarah.

The next thing I knew, the sounds of a major cat fight broke out.

"Hisssssssss!" **thump** "Raaaaaaaaaawr!" **CRASH**

Then the door burst open and Emersen and Mia came rolling out of the bathroom.

"Mia!" Sarah shouted.

I went running to try to help Sarah pull them apart. Just as I got there, Emersen managed to break free from Mia and bolted for the living room. Mia was in hot pursuit. As Sarah and I followed, yelling at them both, I spotted Cora rolling around the living room floor, playing with a toy mouse. As the two cats approached, Cora looked up in terror.

"Mrrrrrrroooooooowrrrrrrr!" Mia jumped on Emersen and both cats crashed into Cora. Cora managed to get up and fled to the cat room.

Emersen got underneathe a bookcase, but it had sections exposed so Mia was able to get on the bottom shelf and swipe at her some more.

At that point I threw a towel over Mia and pulled her off the shelf. What a mess! Her paws were still flailing and Emersen was shrieking.

I took Mia into the bedroom while Sarah calmed Emersen down. A few minutes later I let Mia out of the towel. Yipes! She had clumps of Emersen's fur in her claws.

It turned out that Emersen was fine, just really shaken up. Mia had pulled out a lot of fur, but since Emersen's so fluffy, it didn't hurt her and she wasn't bleeding.

Later on when everyone settled down, Sarah and I tried to figure out why it happened. The girls have hissed and yelled at one another since they've met, but they've never ever physically fought.

Then it dawned on us: Mia was protecting Sarah! She saw Emersen struggling with Sarah and it was clear that Sarah didn't like it. So Mia moved in to defend Sarah and show Emersen that she can't mess with her Mommy. Wow! Go Mia!

Of course, we felt horrible for Emersen, since she was so traumatized. In all honesty, Emersen's big enough and strong enough that she could rip Mia to shreds if she wanted to. But she just won't. I think she's simply a wimp who doesn't want to be bothered. Poor girl. She really is a sweet cat.

Heh-- and I still can't get over my little Mia. What a "tough-girl!"

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