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Henry Junior...

After long last, I finally paid a visit to the shelter to visit poor Henry. It was pretty sad, to say the least. Sheera, the shelter's owner said that Henry hasn't made any progress and hides himself in his sleeper box when people come to see him.

When I walked into the room where his crate is, I immediately felt like I was walking onto the set of a Friskies audition. The second I opened the door it was, "Meow! Mew! Mrow! Meow meow!" There were about 9 crates and 8 of them had cats. There were 2 black cats who are well-behaved enough that they stayed in the room outside of crates without supervision. Those two immediately started purring and nuzzling my legs.

After a quick look around, I spotted Henry. He was the only cat that was far back in the crate, looking out with a suspicious glare. I walked over and started saying very calm "hello's."

After greeting him, I made the mistake of trying to feed him a treat. I forgot that he will get upset if he feels cornered, but he's never tried to scratch me. At any rate, I slowly reached in and he took a nice chunk out of my left hand. I felt so so terrible.

I really wish I could just take him home and let him just live at our house. But we can't have 4 cats. I know he was happiest with Mia and at least tolerated me when he was around the girls. Now he's just a bitter cat who hates all people.

After I finished talking to Henry, I decided to pet the others that were begging for attention. Especially this gorgeous little gray cat with white paws and a white chin.

"Mrrrow!" she said.

"Well, hello, little girl!" I greeted her. Then I put my hand through the cage and started scratching her behind the ears.

Then, to my surprise, I noticed another cat sitting behind her. I stepped to the side and saw that it was a VERY fluffy tiny gray kitten. Then I realized that it was an EXACT Henry look-a-like! He or she had all of Henry's features, including the little white spot on its chest.

"Hi, Henry Junior," I said.

"Hisss!" was the kitten's reply.

"Well, I'd say you're definitely related," I said back. Then I slowly put my hand through the cage and started petting the kitten's side. It didn't hiss, just looked at me with wide eyes. After a couple minutes, the kitten got up and moved to the other side of the cage, still looking at me.

I started petting the gray and white kitten when Sheera entered the room. "Hey, Sheera, this gray kitten is Henry's little twin. And it acts like Henry, too."

"We just got that one not too long ago. That gray and white cat is its mother."

"Oh yeah?" I mused. "Where did you find them? Because I swear, this kitten is just like Henry."

"You know," she said thoughtfully, "I got those two in the same place I found Henry. Maybe they are related. So I wonder if this gray and white cat is Henry's mother? She's so friendly and was easy to catch. She must have been abandoned by her owner because she definitely likes people."

She came over and peered into the crate. The kitten hissed.

"See?" I said. "This one even behaves like Henry. Does it let you pet it?"

"Oh, yeah." She laughed. "I can't tell if it's a boy or a girl yet. But it'll hiss and I pet it anyway. It's a little better along than Henry. Maybe because we got it younger than Henry was."

Of course, my immediate desire was to take the kitten home. But obviously that wasn't possible.


Anyone want a very young kitten? I bet if it had a home early, rather than later like Henry, it'll grow to be a loving, people-friendly cat.

Kittens are so much easier to place than older cats, so if you know of anyone who has a cat or kitten that needs a friend, please let me know! I'd be happy to bring the kitten anywhere...

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