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"Kittens! We have kittens everywhere...!"

As I was driving home from the shelter, I called Sarah to tell her how "petting therapy" went. Then I told her about the two tiny doubly-pawed babies. She asked a bunch of questions about them and then we said we'd see each other shortly.

When I walked in the door, Sarah greeted me by saying, "Mary and her boyfriend want to adopt the little black kittens!"
Mary is Sarah's younger sister. She and her boyfriend live together.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah! I called her when we hung up. I remembered her mentioning wanting a kitten, so I told her about the black and white brother and sister..."

As soon as Sarah told me this, I called Sheera to have her hold them for me. I'm going to pick them up today after work and Sarah and I will foster them until Mary can come get them. We're so excited!

Sarah confirmed with Mary that we're getting the kittens for her and Sheera was certainly excited! She'd just caught the pair in a colony a few days before and had them fixed the day after. They're probably just under 4 months. Such little babies!!

And we get to have them for a while. Mia and Cora will be thrilled!! New playmates to chase around...! ^_^
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