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"Leettle beet awkwurd..."

All the "excitement" seems to take place when I'm not around. Last night Sarah and I were out running errands when she happened to say, "Oh, I forgot to tell you about Squirrely."

"Huh?" I asked. "What do you mean?"

"Well, Saturday I was cleaning when someone started ringing the bell. So I opened the door and was surprised to see Squirrely standing there," Sarah said. Then she started speaking in a muddled European accent. "'Leettle beet awkwurd,' she said."

"What?" I started laughing.

"'Leetle beet awkwurd, but your bathroom. We can see...'" Sarah said.

"You mean they can see us in there?"

"Yeah," Sarah laughed. "She said they can 'see bodies.'"

"How?" I asked. We have a plastic clear curtain, but it's the kind that's all clouded up and has a pattern, so anything you see is like looking at one of those faces that are blurred out on TV.

"I don't know," Sarah shrugged. "They have to be looking awfully hard. So I put a shade in that window outside the curtain."

I remembered Speedo looking in our windows. "Oh yeah. I'll bet they must have stared for a while. Either that or she caught her husband looking." I sighed. "I wish I'd answered the door. I'd have said, 'leettle beet awkwurd when we go out and see your husband wearing a little green Speedo that doesn't leave much to the imagination...'"

Sarah laughed. "Yeah, well, this is why I'm glad I was home at the time and not you..."

Heh. I guess.

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