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If anyone out there is looking to buy a new Nissan, I highly recommend you DON'T shop at Marlboro Nissan. They're the pits and they've given me nothing but a headache with my new Xterra.

I FINALLY got it a week later (yesterday) than I was supposed to. And they did nothing right! The car is dirty inside and out, they didn't Simonize my car and tried to claim they did, the stereo is not the quality you'd expect from "6 CD changer stereo with 8 speakers, two tweeters and a subwoofer" by any means, and blah blah blah. I couldn't particularly complain to anyone last night because only 1 guy was there to give me the car. At least he was a sales manager and he agreed with me on all of the flaws I pointed out.

So disappointing. I mean, REALLY. A new car is supposed to be exciting. Not a nightmare. You're not supposed to end up wishing you'd simply refinanced your old car.

But I have to admit, the interior is gorgeous and the car drives beautifully. But if I'm making a huge investment on something like a new Xterra SE Super-Charged, I ought to be able to take it and never look back. Not pop in a trance CD with heavy bass and even after putting up the bass arrow to the highest level, saying, "Uh... where's this subwoofer they mentioned? There's barely any bass..."

Then to look on the outside and see that they absolutely did not Simonize because the car had dead bugs plastered to the front and sides, not to mention the scratched off logo on the back door from the NY dealer that originally had the car.

Oh, the best part of all: finding a half broken pretzel under the front passenger side seat. And the missing cup holder inserts and outlet cover for the dashboard socket.

I'm supposed to go to NY on Saturday morning. Instead I have to drive the car back to Marlboro to complain and have everything corrected.


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