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"Mia, let me in...!"

I swear, I must be the only person in the whole world who has a cat that is capable of locking me out of the house.

Last night I was exhausted, but excited to get home. I was all dressed up and Sarah was going to arrive shortly after me because she had to stay late for a presentation at work. I picked up dinner for her and wanted to get the house in order and set the table up. But instead, I walk up to the front door, insert the key, and can't get the door open.

On the other side, I could hear Mia, "Mew!" as she hurled herself into the door. That's her way of saying, "Get in here, dammit! I've been waiting..."

So I tried my key again and pushed harder. This time the door went in, but only so I could see the upper part of the door frame. Basically the door appeared to be bending and the bottom part was stuck.

Instantly I knew what happened. We have a sliding deadbolt on the bottom of the door because there's a window right above the locks. Any burglar could smash the window and open the door. So the deadbolt right above the floor is in place when we are home at night. (We have a deadbolt that locks both inside and out with a key for when we're not home)

Anyway, it was clear that Mia kocked the deadbolt shut while hurling herself at the door. Great. Now what? I didn't have my back door key because I try to avoid carrying extra keys around if I don't need to.

After trying to break the door down unsuccessfully (good to know we're seriously safe at night), I did the only thing I could think of... I trudged across the lawn and rang the Beatnik Family's doorbell.

"HI, LIZ!" The Lady Beatnik greeted me, flinging the door open. "What's up?"

Explaining my plight, Mr. Beatnik tried to see if he could get in through the back door by picking the lock. No luck.

For the next 45 minutes until Sarah arrived I was subjected to Beatnik Hell...

Beatnik Child #1- "Liz, did you, um, know that, um, you could wear socks with seeds in them and, um, walk and then the seeds will plant themselves...?"

Beatnik Child #2- "Liz, we, um, like to play in the basement. A lot. And, yeah, we play there."

Lady Beatnik- "Yeah, so the boys can't wait for snow. See how clever they are? They built a snowman in the living room!"

I looked and saw a bunch of hamster running balls stacked up in 3's. How lovely and clever.

My evening went on like that. After a while, I really wanted to dash outside and run myself over with the car. Anything but endure listening to them. I actually wanted to go in my car and just read, but I figured it'd be rude.

Finally Sarah showed up and let us into the house. After we settled in, I checked the front deadbolt. Mia's one strong cat because it's not easy to close and I typically do it with my foot.

After I picked up Mia, squeezed her and told her how adorable she is, I went upstairs to feed the babies. Cora snuck in and took the opportunity to growl and yell at them.

"Cora, no!" I said sternly.

She took off running and then a couple minutes I could hear her crying downstairs.


I'm telling you, cats are little people. So the rest of the night I sat and soothed poor jealous Cora. "Yes, Cora, I love you just as much as before. The babies aren't taking your place. You'll always be my little baby..."

She fell asleep purring in my arms. Ah, motherhood...

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