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Full House


We have FIVE cats! FIVE! F I V E !!


Sarah and I finally decided to let the cats out of the upstairs guest room to have free-run of the house. We figured it was time, since Mia has been trying to find ways to break into the kittens' room and the two babies have, in turn, been making numerous attempts at breaking out. Plus Cora's stopped growling and yelling at them, so I imagined she was done trying to give us hints that we should get rid of them.

After yesterday morning's breakfast, I left the guest room door open. Within 10 seconds, the babies were running down the stairs with Mia and Cora in hot pursuit. Cody and Caitlin didn't know what to do first with their new-found freedom! They ran back and forth from room to room, tumbling, skidding on the hardwood floors, and leaping onto the furniture.

Cora also decided that Cody is her new best friend. She can't leave him alone for more than 5 seconds before she's either wrestling with him or licking him clean. It's absolutely adorable.

Even as I type this, Cody and Caitlin are wrestling beneath my feet with Mia and Cora keeping a close watch. It's all really very cute and fun, but...


And let me tell you, both of my inhalers are getting record usage. My workouts are suffering as a result, too. My running speeds are pathetic these days. Since I'm working so much, I don't have time to resume acupuncture treatment, nor do I even have the money to really afford $70 per session. And trading Personal Training for the treatment wouldn't be an option because I don't go to the HW suburbia location at all, not to mention it would mean more time for it that I can't spare anyway.

Totally sucks. I've made a doctor's appointment for mid-November to see about exploring other options. Anyone know anything about allergy shots? And more so, if you've had them have they been successful?

Whoever from above dreamed up such a cruel allergy for cat lovers like myself is truly evil. Seriously, what a dumb idea... being allergic to another living creature. Bah.

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