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"Good things come..."

"... to those who wait... and wait... and wait... and get disappointed... and wait some more... and get told to be patient... and wait... and..."

It happened!!!! I finally got a full-time job! Benefits... 401 K... quarterly bonuses... flexibility to work from home... encouragement to work my Personal Training into my daily schedule...T Pass paid for by the company each month... lap top...!

It's a small company, so my pay isn't as high as a large agency, but it's enough, not to mention the room for rapid growth. So after long last, I finally have found a place to resume my PR career.

It couldn't have happened in a better way... I met with them in February, bonded with the Executive Vice President, but then they went on a hiring freeze. I was disappointed, but hey, part of life...

They never forgot me and that in and of itself spoke volumes... the fact that they brought me back in after 4 months and even the president / founder took time to speak with me for an hour this morning.

I wish I could have recorded the cell phone conversation I had with MH... "Liz, it's MH, you got a minute to talk?"

"Sure," I said, closing my eyes and crossing my fingers. I pulled the car over from picking up Kris at her dorm.

"Liz, I'd like to extend you an offer to join our team. From the moment we all met you, we loved you. We really feel you'll be an integral part of the company..."

They didn't even call my references...!

I begin this Monday, 8:45 a.m.!


I plan on redeeming a coupon for a massage very soon and having a big party in late July / early August!

**big heaving sigh of relief**
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