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The latest in pictures!

So a lot has changed in recent times... what better way than to show it with pictures? ^_^

Here's a CLASSIC!! Mia the day after I got her!! Check out the blue eyes! She was only 4 weeks old here:

The below links are some cute pics of our "children":

Sarah’s “little” Emersen

Napping Emersen

Cody and Caitlin!

Just Cody!

A cute shot of Cody and Caitlin right before a nap

My little floppy Cora!

Cody and Cora hangin’ out in the cat room

Cody vs. my foot

Mia has to be perched on top of the highest point in any room. In this case, it’s our bedroom TV. And her eyes look a tad possessed... Note Angela Landsbury on the screen… “Mia, She Wrote”

And yet again is Mia way up high, appearing to guard the kittens. Very stoic as the babies play with her tail below…”

Here’s Cody, slinking away from a plant, which I’d just caught him digging in…”

See why we couldn't give up the babies???? They're too adorable! Plus Mia and Cora absolutely love them... ^_^

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