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My life as a cat

Throughout Sunday I felt... blah. The flu was building up in my chest, so I knew before long I was going to be a hurtin' girl.

Sarah and I had made several plans for after her Mom left, like going out to find me a new pair of glasses. But by the time we droppd her Mom off at the train, I knew that I couldn't do anything else but go home and lie down.

Sunday evening I was developing aches and chills, so I sent an e-mail to my bosses and coworkers to let them know I'd be out on Monday. By the time I went to bed, I'd developed a cough that was enough to keep anyone awake. Since it had been an unusually warm Sunday night, I decided to sleep on the couch and keep the windows open.

The cool air felt refreshing as I snuggled into the couch with my pillow and blanket. Mia, Cora, Caitlin and Cody decided that this change of pace for me was extremely interesting and, thus, they needed to join me. Caitlin, who's still a little skittish around me and Sarah, burrowed between my feet and the back of the couch. Cora climbed onto my chest with Cody, and Mia sat on top of the couch back, watching the Watertown "nightlife" outside the window.

I managed to sleep soundly until about 2:30 a.m., when I was roused by a coughing fit. The cats scattered as I got up to get some Nyquil and my inhaler. While I was getting everything I needed in the bathroom, the cats decided to investigate my actions. Mia hopped up on the toilet tank, Cora got in the bathtub, and Caitlin and Cody wrestled on the bathmats.

I returned to the living room to wait for the Nyquil to take effect. Mia hopped back up on the couch back to resume watching the outdoors. I knelt on the couch to peer outside with her. "Anything good out there?" I asked her as a breeze rustled my hair and her fur.

Mia's response was to give me a gentle nuzzle on my forehead with her's. As we continued to look outside, Cora came up on my other side to see what we were looking at. It was the most peaceful few minutes, just enjoying the quiet night with my two babies.

The three of us jumped suddenly as we heard a "mew!" from behind us. I turned to watch Caitlin struggling with her head stuck in one of Sarah's shoes. Poor thing! Cody was on his back, peering at her curiously.

Caitlin managed to free herself before I got to her, so all was well. She and Cody took off running toward the kitchen, Mia and Cora returned to the living room couch. I sat and petted them and felt myself begin to doze.

Suddenly Cody jumped up on top of me, a catnip mouse in his mouth. Dropping it on my chest, he cocked his head to one side and began purring. I grinned up at him, "Hey, little man!"

He started doing what I call "marching in place," taking his two front feet and, well, appearing to march in place. That's his way of preparing a spot to nestle into. Soon he was settling into sleep on my chest, Cora burrowed into the crook of my left arm, Mia on the couch back, and Caitlin on my feet. I felt the Nyquil take over and soon I was oblivious to everything.

What a life. I wouldn't mind being a cat for day. ^_^

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