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House is clean, laundry's on, Cora's going to be in Boston soon (but we have to figure out how I can slip her out of BU), I'm going to go entertain Lulu and Francis (the cats) later on, and I'm hitting the last night of Lava (gay club night that shutting down) tonight with Kim and hopefully Lisa.

Then to top things off, I received this e-mail from Matt, one of my new bosses at GC in regards to dress code:

"Shorts, in good taste, are acceptable. No cut off's, jeans or fatigue shorts (although Bermuda shorts, with white sneakers and black socks, are de rigueur, especially with the VP's).


I'm getting increasingly excited about Monday morning!! I will be back on my routine, which is 5:30 a.m. wake-ups, bike / drive to the gym, workout, go to work, then either work at HW or go home / go out.

It sounds like a busy schedule, but it's not a very rigid one. There are days I simply can't get up that early, so I don't. I woke up this morning without the "sinking-feeling-of-dread" that I've had over the course of the last 3.5 months. It was weird, but a welcomed change. : )

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