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Maine Coon snow paws...

I was up since about 4:30 a.m.... no idea why. But when I first awoke, I looked and saw three babies between me and Sarah, one Cora with her head on my shoulder, paw across my chest and Mia at the end of the bed. I hated to move because it was just such a sweet little scene... a couple of the babies were even purring lightly in their sleep.

But I had to pee, so I knew I was going to disturb the whole thing. Sorry, kids.

As soon as I got up, so did everyone else. (Except Sarah. The roof could get torn off, the snow come tumbling in and she'd still be asleep)

After I left the bathroom, I went into the kitchen and looked at the microwave clock. 4:51 a.m. Too early for Num-nums. But, of course, not too early for them to ask.

"Me-ew-ew!," Cody asked, sitting down, cocking his head to one side.

"No, Cody," I said, yawning. "It's too early."

"Meh! Meh!" Jasper chirped.

"No, Jasper," I said. "It's too early."

"Mew!" Mia said, even sitting down at my feet.

"Not you either, Little Mi."

I looked outside and saw the beautiful snow falling. Awesome! Now it'd be nice if it didn't affect our drive today...

Finally I fed all the kids and then took the trash and recycling out. What a thing to do in the snow. Pain in the ass. We always have a lot of it, so it's such a chore even on a balmy spring day.

FINALLY I got to do what I wanted: put on snow clothes and take Mia outside! Maine Coons are made for this weather. They even have built in snow shoes... thick paw pads and tufts of thick fur on the bottoms of their feet!

I opened the front door and called, "Mia! Mia! Mia!"

"Brrrrrrrrrr!" she chirped as she ran through the house, down the stairs and bolted out the door. I felt bad as I ran after Mia and looked up to see all the babies watching out the window. But there's no way they could come out... they'd take off and never come back!

Mia ran down the front walk and then skidded to a halt on the sidewalk. Her feet left the cutest imprints in the snow!!! Especially the skids.

Mia didn't know what to do first... chase the low flying birds or eat the falling snow. What to do? What to do?

Finally she settled on hovering under a bush to watch the snow fall.

Booooring! I threw a snowball at the bush and all the snow on top fell on her. She scrambled out and took off running around the front yard, me chasing her.

After playing around for about 15 minutes, I had to take her in so I could get ready for work. I was already going to be late as it was, but I didn't really care. Nothing's more important than quality time with the cat!

I picked her up and, of course, she started kicking her back legs. She HATES when I make her do anything, let alone force her in from outside. But I was clad in thick snow gear, so her kicking legs didn't do anything to me, except make me laugh.

When I got her in, she shook herself off and I pulled off my gloves.

"Good girl, Mi!" I said, reaching out to pet her head.


Mia slapped my hand with a wet paw.

"Hey!" I protested. "It's not my fault I have to work!"

"Meeeer!" She retorted, slapping me again. Since her feet were wet and dirty, the slaps were loud and left dirty paw prints on my hand. Then she ran up the stairs, tail straight up and fluffed out.

That cat. I SWEAR, she gets to be more and more like a little person each day.

Being 45 minutes late to work today was so worth it. ;-)


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