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Flash Back!

Last night was probably the first time I've gone out until 1:00 in the morning on a Tuesday work night in a VERY long time!

After two years after my very first full-time company was merged wth a larger one and everyone was since laid-off, a reunion was held at The Bay Tower downtown. It was scary, I saw some people I haven't even remembered since I left in 2000.

Anyway, it was awesome, but the best was how I got an article written about it in O'Dwyer's PR Daily. I really didn't think anyone would write about it, but, alas:

Breaking Public Relations News


Dec. 2, 2002


Sixty-five ex-staffers of Miller/Shandwick Technologies have planned a holiday reunion for tomorrow, two years after many were laid off following M/S's merger with The Weber Group.

Liz Erk, a senior A/E at Topaz Partners – a firm launched by former M/S president Tony Sapienza earlier this year – told this website M/S alumni have kept in touch via a Yahoo! community.

The staffers are to convene at Boston's Bay Tower, a Topaz client whose PR manager also worked at M/S.

Erk said former colleagues from around the U.S. are flying in for the event. She noted the PR pros are holding a holiday party for a company that no longer exists as other companies are cancelling parties for economic reasons.

The gathering was a success, but it really made me miss everyone. After it was over, Anne, TC and I went out to have a late dinner and then I drove them home.

I finally dropped into bed at 1:30 a.m. and getting up this morning was VERY tough.

As I drove to work today it dawned on me that next week I turn 26. I can't believe it. I don't feel it at all. These last few years have been a blur.

But "they" say that happens after 21...!

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