May 22nd, 2001

Summer 2010

"Would you like to go biking sometime...?"

Working at an all women's healthclub has its benefits at times. I get to make a difference in people's lives, meet cool friends that are on staff, learn a lot about the fitness industry, etc. The list is endless.

But I'd say out of the almost 6 months I've been there, the most amazing was a week ago. I'm generally very outgoing. I can approach people quite easily. However, sometimes a bit of shyness tends to strike when I develop a crush.

I have been dating a guy lately. I haven't really had a crush on a girl in a while. Sure, I've met women who I thought were cute. But I hadn't really developed a full-blown crush.

Almost 2 months ago I was monitoring the cardio floor. As I was peering at the people panting on various machinery, my eyes fell upon a woman using a LifeFitness machine. I was immediately drawn to her... cute short, curly dark brown hair, a friendly gleam in her eyes... I was floored.

I noticed she was wearing a Harvard Crew shirt, so I casually wandered over and asked her if she rowed. She said, "No, someone gave me the shirt, but I have rowed before..."

We chatted a couple minutes and then I returned to the Fitness Floor.

From then on I'd watch for her everytime I worked a shift. She'd often come in with one of 3 dykes. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out whether or not she was "with" any of them.

2 months later I determined she probably wasn't with any.

A week ago I was working my shift and tried to figure out what appointments I'd like to do. I really did not feel much like giving the abs class, so I asked one of my coworkers if I could do the 6:00 Health Assessment. She said she didn't care. She wanted to do the other one at 6:45.

So, I wandered downstairs to make sure everything was well with the Cardio Floor. After about 15 minutes I returned upstairs to see someone else's name written next to the 6:00 Assessment! Mine was erased.

Frustrated, I told the girl who'd written her name (she was different than the one I originally asked to do the 6:00) that I already requested it.
Her answer: "Too bad."

Not wanting to have a fight, I figured I'd just give the class. My abs could use the workout anyway.

Well, 6:00 rolls around and what happens? The curly haired girl comes over to the counter. "Hi, I have a 6:00 Health Assessment..." I nearly fell over. Of all the appointments...!!!!!

So the other girl conducted it and I did Abs Class.

A little while later, after the girl's assessment was done, I found my legs marching me over to where she was lifting weights with her friend. My mouth opened and words began to come out, "Hey! How'd the assessment go...?"

She said she did well, except for the push-up test. I offered to show her exercises that would help her do a lot better next time around. She was grateful. Then she introduced me to her friend.

A few days later she was back. I saw her stretching. We made eye contact and smiled. And once again I felt my legs carry me over to where she was standing.

"Hi..." We chatted a few minutes, mostly about her footwear, which I had complimented. She informed me that they were her biking shoes, then she began working out.

About an hour later my legs suddenly, out of nowhere, made a beeline for where she was sitting on a bench, taking a break between sets.

My legs stopped a couple feet away. My mouth opened, "Hey, stop by the Fitness Desk when you get done. I have a question for you..." She smiled and nodded.

Nice work, mouth! What the hell am I going to ask her??

Then it came to me!

A little while later she came to the desk. "Hey!"

The words tumbled from my lips ever so nonchalantly... "Oh, yeah, I meant to ask you. You mentioned you bike. Well, I've been looking for people to go biking with and was wondering if you'd be interested..."

She sure was. And then she gave me her number and e-mail address.

After passing a few e-mails back and forth, we set the time for last night. I biked to her office, then we biked to Watertown. I showed her my house, then I drove us to dinner. After we ate we chatted for a couple hours. Then she said, "Hey, why don't we go for ice cream...?"

So I drove us to JP Licks in JP. We enjoyed ice cream and chatted for a couple more hours, then I brought her home. I didn't want the night to end.

I got to see her apartment, then she walked me out. Gently, we kissed good-bye and each agreed that we had had a great time.

(Insert great big cheesy *sigh* here...!)

Driving home, I smiled to myself. I hope we get to see each other again soon.
Summer 2010

Impromptu Road Trip...

...Well, sort of. Hee hee. I miss spontaneity. I guess as you become a more responsible adult, you have to let go of some of that stuff.

Hee hee, not today! I made an awesome friend who goes to school in Northfield. When she first told me of her location, I was like, "Where the hell is that...?" Yep, B O O N I E S !!!

Anyway, we've wanted to hang out, but she's 2 hours away and doesn't have a car. Turns out she had no school today. So, at about 1:00 a.m. last night while chatting on AIM I decided to drive out this a.m. and pay her a visit.

Perfect plan! It was crappy weather and I'd have just stayed home and been depressed about having no full-time job still.

So, I drove about 2 hours and arrived at a beautiful location that I had no idea existed! (note to self: bring mountain bikes for us next time...)

And my friend and I had an amazing day to boot! We sat inside, listened to some AWESOME trance, gagged on feathers, lol (note to Cora... throw out those damn down pillows and dust immediately if not sooner...), ate in the school cafeteria (memories!!), talked about nothing and everything... but best of ALL... rated each woman in the magazine that had "2001's Hottest Women." I've learned today: South Africa has STRANGE taste in what's deemed attractive.

Anyway, I was sad to leave at 2:15, but I had my shift at HW. But it was great... I gave a great abs class and kicked even my own ass...!

But then I saw HER! : ) I spent about 35 min. guiding her on some strength training exercises. And we made a date for Friday. Wheeeeeeeee!

Stellar day, despite the crappy weather...

Now if I could just land a damn full-time job, life would be perfect...