June 18th, 2001


Per Request of CemetaryGates...

7 things you are afraid of:

1. hurting others
2. not finding a job in time
3. *really* talking to my parents
4. what happens after I die
5.making the wrong permanent decisions
6. COE
7. disappointing others

7 things that make you laugh:

1. my sily friends
2. riding my bike super fast along the Charles late at night
3. petty dyke drama
4. sitting back and watching, as the saying goes, "what goes around comes around"
5. mullets
6. gym members who think they know everything and refuse to have their form corrected
7. C.O.D.'s (Crusty Old Dykes)

7 things I love:

1. my friends
2. my new-found positive relationship with my family
3. when I knowingly avoid making the same mistake twice
4. mountain and road biking
5. laughing
6. Personal Training
7. the ability to fall in love

7 things that make you cry:

1. thinking of people I've hurt
2. when I can't help people the way I'd like to
3. not having a full-time job
4. missing my aunt
5. saying good-bye
6. letting myself be vulberable
7. loneliness

7 things I don't understand:

1. homophobia
2. why I'm having such a hard time finding full-time wok
3. my crazy ex
4. myself (sometimes)
5. why people ever try smoking to begin with
6. self-induced psycho drama
7. my sister

7 things on my desk:

1. digital camera
2. empty carton of frozen yogurt
3. bottle of water
4. pictures
5. scanner
6. phone
7. my watch

Right now you are:

tired, but can't sleep

7 facts about you:

1. i was born in New York
2. i have short brown hair
3. my freckles come out in the sun
4. i am a bisexual lesbian
5. i drive a bright yellow SUV
6. i live in Watertown
7. i am very athletic

7 things to do before I die:

1. find "the one"
2. start rowing again
3. get in the best shape of my life
4. tell everyone important to me just how much I love them
5. have children
6. own my own house
7. learn how to swim
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Summer 2010


For whatever reason the first line of this one made me smile:

Today's Date: June 18, 2001


The party is over. All play and no work puts Jack or Jill into the high risk category.
Return to your life and, at least for a little while, try to remember what it means to be normal. Even if you have to force yourself, take two or three deep breaths every hour, just to get the feel of what it means to relax and reacquaint yourself with the lifestyle that you have plotted out. Now that the rush is over, you may want to slip away for a little rest and relaxation. Others know that you are just about spent and they will be expecting as much.
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Oh dear...

I'd really rather *not*...

Today's Date: June 18, 2001


You may be forced to deal with some highly touchy issues right now. Don't try to avoid them. Set aside some time to talk to your romantic partner, and approach each thing head-on.
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Summer 2010

Indiana Jones meets The Matrix

So, Kris and I saw Tomb Raider!!!!!!!

Weee haaaawww!!!

I loved every second of it. And, even better, we went for ice cream cones afterwards.

I can't think of a better combination for a Monday afternoon... Mocha Chip ice cream and Angelina Jolie... ; )
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Summer 2010

A Rather "Jerry Springer" Sort of Situation...

Now *this* is classic... tonight after my HW shift I have to go clean my house, rather than collapse into bed. Why? Because my exgirlfriend's exboyfriend is coming to visit me. When I actually said that outloud to someone I couldn't stop laughing.

Tre's a pretty cool guy. I've never met him in person before, but we chat on AIM just about every other day and have spoken on the phone several times. We both agreed that if we lived closer together we'd probably fall madly in love. But oh well, no such luck. His friendship's good enough for me.

His band's playing in the area, so we thought it'd be the perfect chance to hang out. He's the cutest guy and has a great personality. We've ended up with one of those friendships where we can just talk for hours and hours about nothing and everything. Luckily I have no early a.m. committments because I have a feeling we're going to be up chatting all night.

Other than that, nothing too great going on. I'm bummed because I won't get to see *her* any night this week. She's got classes and I've got work.
: ( I'm hoping I can get her out for lunch at some point.

Anyway, here I rot at HW. Woo hoo.
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Summer 2010

Here we go again...!

I met with these guys a few months ago, but it was right when the tough economy got underway. They ended up on a hiring freeze for a while, but I guess things are changing:

"We have Account Representative level openings here at GC, as we have recently secured new business. We're looking for someone who can really hit the ground running, and I think you would be a top candidate. If you are still interested, I'd like to bring you in for another round of interviews. Please let me know of your availability (via e-mail or cell phone). I look forward to speaking with you once again. Best regards,


They're right downtown by South Station! And they're a cool agency. Not quite F-H, but maybe a slight step below. I remember being highly disappointed when I couldn't work there.

We're in the process of coordinating schedules...
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Summer 2010

It's Set!!!!!!

Tomorrow at 11:45 a.m. I have an interview at GC!!!

Can't wait! I got along with everyone quite well the first time around. And I've experienced a LOT since then, so I'm going to do my best to knock 'em dead!

Fingers crossed...!!
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