July 15th, 2001

Summer 2010

60%, eh...?

According to The Spark, I'm 60% gay, while the typical lesbian is only 44% gay.

Based on the 10,738 submissions before mine:

People less gay than me: (35%)
People just as gay as me: (3%)
People gayer than me: (60%)

Interesting overall results of the test:

The world-wide gayness average is 35%.
11% of all test takers describe themselves as gay.
26 is the gayest age.
Women average 32% gay.
Men average 38%.

More Stats from the GayTest

Among Females:

11% are gay.
Less than 1% of whom are in the closet.
26% have made out with another woman.
21% have had sex with another woman
13% of straight girls wish they were bi.
23% of straight girls have wanted to kiss a friend.
73% of lesbians have been attracted to a man.
54% of lesbians have slept with a man.
28% of straight women have claimed to be a lesbian in order to ditch a guy.
Tomboys are MORE likely to be good in bed.
Feminists are LESS likely to have big boobs.
Panties are the most popular undies.
And a woman's most erogenous zones are her groin, nipples, and neck, in that order.

Among Males:

11% are gay.
Less than 1% of whom are in the closet.
77% of gay men have kissed a girl.
18% of straights have kissed a guy.
36% are too hairy.
35% of straight men have copped a man-feel while playing sports.
25% of whom fumbled.
18% of gay men have belonged to a frat.
10% of straight men would turn gay in jail.
The average gay male has a sex drive of 8.1
The average straight male has a sex drive of 7.8
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Ugh... In a fog...

Wow, I feel like crappola. Actually, that's QUITE an understatement.

I went out last night, but was tired from the get-go. I picked up Kim and we zipped off to the Tiger Lily. We parked fairly close by and went inside at 11:30. It was fairly dead, but exactly 10 minutes later it was packed.

Soon most everybody from the previous evening had arrived and everyone got pretty drunk. I didn't bother drinking, it wasn't worth it. I tried to get into everything, I even danced. But next thing I knew I was having a horrendous allergy attack from all the smoke and what not.

I felt so bad, people were trying to dance with me, carry on conversations, etc. But I was feeling detatched from myself and could barely think of good responses.

You know I was pretty bad when at one point I saw a side view of a girl with dark curly short hair and I didn't bother to try and investigate. I don't think I would have even had a suitable response if asked what my name was, let alone try to think up a clever excuse to talk to her.

Finally I gave it up and left. Boy, I sure disappointed people! I guess these girls aren't used to seeing me less than anything but a bouncy ball of energy. I felt so bad, but I was just miserable.

I drove home, collapsed into bed, woke up at 8:30, felt even worse, especially my left ear, which has been waterlogged the last 2 months. I bought alcohol drops for them yesterday and it helped. But everytime I lay down, they clog. So I woke up half-deaf, had a headache from trying to relieve the ear too much yesterday, stuffy nose, next to no voice, eyes burning, and it goes on and on.

So I cancelled my Personal Training appointment with my client (so now I owe her a freebie, but I don't mind), ate breakfast, went back to bed, and, no joke, woke up at 1:15! I had 45 minutes to get to my 2 to 8 HW shift!!!

I leaped into the shower, still in a deep fog, got dressed, applied my ear drops again, ordered LFNF lunch, hopped in the car, picked up my wrap, zoomed to HW, and, by some miracle, found a parking spot right nearby. I ran inside and punched in by 2:03. Wow, LUCKY!

Anyway, I finally checked my cell phone and found a handful of messages. One was from Monica to say "hello," the other was from Chris, wondering where I was. I was supposed to go play football with her and some friends at 11:00 a.m., but obviously I never made that one. Then there a couple of "hey, how are you?" messages from a couple of other friends.

So, blah. Here I am at HW. I'm tempted to curl up and take a nap on one of the weight benches, hee hee.
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Summer 2010


So I finally have a bit of income and I'm using what I've accumulated to pay off my debts. It's going to be a long, slow process, but hey, it'll get done. : )

I decided I wanted to send my parents something to thank them for being there for me. I decided on flowers, but didn't want to send a bouquet because it would eventually die. So I went searching around the web and found the perfect gift: A Potted Juniper Bonsai. As described by the site, "This beautiful Juniper Bonsai is the perfect introduction to an art form that traces its roots to China. Great for anyone interested in creating nature in miniature."

What struck me about this little tree? Well, a lot of things. It's so tiny, yet lush and stands out boldly. It seems to embody strength and, while firmly attached to its roots, it branches out in different directions.

So, as corny as this is, the little tree is me. I ordered one and had it express delivered to my parents' house. The card I wrote with it thanked them for their undying love and support, especially through these last 3.5 difficult months. And that, like this tree, with patient nurturing I am finally able to stand on my own in the world and grow tall.

My Mom called me and I could tell that this gift meant a lot to her and my Dad. I think especially the fact that I'd put so much thought into it was what touched them. I'm glad. My parents deserve a lot more than a tree, but for now it'll do. : )
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Summer 2010

You know I'm bored and miserable when...

... I take Internet Quizzes entitled things like
"The Slut Test."

The results are in! You are

46% slutty
which miraculously ties the worldwide average of 46%. But you are still much cleaner than the average Canadian.

Based on the 3,878,328 test takers so far:
you're sluttier than 52% of the world.
you're cleaner than 46% of the world.

540 women agreed with you, and chose "Elijah Wood" as the best sex option of all time.

So far, the most popular place to lick lubricated men is below the right nipple.

--her face--

Finally, here is a listing of the sexiest men of all time, as chosen by you, our test takers.

1. Brad Pitt 197257 (6%) <----- why?????
2. Tom Cruise 66699 (2%)
3. Ben Affleck 61009 (2%)
4. Eric Mccormack 56621 (2%)
5. Justin Timberlake 53813 (2%)
6. Eminem 52050 (2%)
7. Alex Fiorelli 45171 (1%)
8. Ryan Phillipe 41554 (1%)
9. Mel Gibson 37032 (1%)
10. Ryan Ning 36226 (1%)
11. Sean Williamson 34779 (1%) <----- who??
12. Matt Damon 31225 (1%)
13. Freddie Prinze Jr. 29375 (1%)
14. Heath Ledger 28932 (1%)
15. Bill Clinton 28916 (1%) <----- Ew!!!!!
16. Paul Walker 25792 (1%) <---- who??
17. Sean Connery 25684 (1%)
18. Mark Archer 24138 (1%) <---- who??
19. Fred Durst 24040 (1%)
20. George Clooney 23796 (1%)
21. Ryan Phillippe 23300 (1%) <----- Mmmmm...!
22. Mike Piazza 23254 (1%)
23. Joshua Jackson 22722 (1%) <---- Yummy!!! :)
24. Joe Gaiefsky 21920 (1%)
25. Harrison Ford 19811 (1%)
Summer 2010

Last one, I promise...

The Death Test

Mark your calendar or Palm V. You can expect to die on:

December 9, 2061 at the age of 84 years old.

(That's not fair... I should at LEAST live to be 95, I take damn good care of myself...)

On that date you will most likely die from:

Cancer (20%)
Alien Abduction (19%)
Loneliness (9%)
Horrible Accident (9%)
Homicide (9%)
Suicide (6%)
Contagious Disease (6%)
Heart Attack (6%)

Interesting stats from the DeathTest:

9064716 people have taken the DeathTest.
Of those, 54% were female and 46% were male.
The average life expectancy of test takers is 67 years.
10% of test takers have hairy nipples.
4% have had team sex.
8% work in the porn business.
And 143536 people claim to have leprosy.
Summer 2010

The Push...

So I've begun playing phone tag with Monica, hee hee. I dunno, she said she's bored with the Chicago gay scene, but I think she'd be horrified by the sad-ass "Boston Scene." (Does it even qualify as a 'scene??')

She directed me to this link that has pics of her and her band, "The Push" performing at a recent show:

After looking at the pictures that had her in it (she's got the curly short hair and flowered dress), I poked arond the rest of the site. The fact that an individual could dedicate an entire site to the Chicago lesbian community speaks volumes. And another thing, the Chicago girls are HOT!

I can't get over how cute Monica is! I'm really looking forward to the 10th. Mostly because I need to see what caused the deep-down nag that urged me to buy the plane tickets and use vacation days this early into my new job, but also because she's such a sweetie!!

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