July 19th, 2001


You know you're sick when...

... you're listlessly flopped on the bed watching "Salt n Peppa: Behind the Music."

Geez. I didn't even know they broke up. And Spinderella was 2 different people?!

Wow, everyday's a school day...
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Summer 2010

"Cash Rules Everything Around Me..."

..."Cream, get the money... dollah dollah bill, ya'll..."

Remember that ghetto rap song from '94? Hee hee hee...

Well, that little snippet was inspired by the fact that as of today I am finally current and up to date with all of my bills! Granted, I still have some lovely credit card debt hanging over my head, but they're getting paid! : ) I was sick of charging groceries and gas. Ugh.
So I suppose I can take comfort in the fact that my corporate efforts aren't all in vain...

I'm sitting here, feeling a tad better. My fever's gone, but I'm still sweating. (But it is July and all. My home office isn't air conditioned) My throat still feels funky and, well, not to be gross, but, um, my coughs have a "taste." Bleh.

I am totally bummin' though. As I type this I'm currently missing my company's corporate summer party on the roof of the Ritz Carlton. Supposed to be a huge "chi-chi" deal. Open bar and everything. I was even going to wear a dress. : (

But I am relieved to a degree... yesterday I found out I was supposed to go to my client's offices for a meeting today. This was going to be a huge deal, we all would have had to wear suits and everything. Ordinarily I wouldn't have minded, but when you have a 102 degree fever the last thing you want to do is spend the day trying to be serious and attentive in a Banana Republic suit, complete with stockings. Ugh.

Well, I lucked out. My Supervisor called me and said I didn't have to go, that it was going to be just her and the president of our agency. Whew! Then I e-mailed my team as a whole and told them I'd come in this afternoon. But I got an e-mail from one of my teammates saying that I should stay home and that 2 other people went home with the same symptoms I had.


I don't like hearing that there are others as miserable as I am, but at the same time, it proves that I'm not just "some new slacker girl playing sick." Wheee!

Once I got that e-mail, I went to bed again. This was around 10:00 a.m. I woke up on and off and in my fit of fevered delerium, woke up at one point and saw my Mom standing there. I was happy to see her and said, "you're early..." because she's supposed to arrive with my Grandma on Saturday a.m.

But as soon as I finished speaking the words, I was jarred into consciousness and she disappeared. This made me sad because suddenly I wanted to be a little kid again and put my head in her lap. I wanted her to stroke my hair and tell me that I was going to be okay, to put a cold cloth on my head and read to me.

With those thoughts, I drifted off to sleep until about 5:00 p.m. Then I got up, checked e-mail, spoke with my client on the phone to reschedule a conference call meeting we were to have today. She even said, "Wow, you have a very strong work ethic. I'm sure your team really appreciates that..." Ha.

And here I sit. I feel more alive than I have in quite a while. I'm hoping I wake up tomorrow practically better. If not, then I'm making a pit stop at the ER on my way to work.


Time for dinner...
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