August 7th, 2001



Boy, this getting back into tip-top shape is no fun. This morning I got up at 4:50 so I could get to the gym by 5:30, lift and then take Spin at 6:00. Well, I got the "get up at 4:50 part okay," but it was everything thereafter that was tough. Ugh. And it used to be the other way around.

I actually didn't get to the gym until 5:45 because I forgot that I'm getting my haircut today and needed to print off pictures of the cut I want. Plus I had to make lunch. And pack my bag with clothes.

By the time I got to HW I was all charged up and ready to go! I figured I'd just take Spin and lift afterwards. That would make me right on time for work. But I had wanted to be early. Oh well!

So I got to the front desk, requested a Spin ticket and was psyched. I was still coming off the high I'd felt during this past Sunday's 28 mile bike ride I took with Gail, my PT client. Now, as I'd said in a previous post, she's the exact kind of business woman I want to be someday. I totally idolize her.

And my respect and admiration grew even more when she pulled into the parking lot I was to meet her at in a goldish colored 2000 Pathfinder with the license plate,
"CHG IT." : )

Anyway, the point of my bringing this up was that I hadn't done any cardio in about 3 weeks. So I was nervous as to how I was going to handle such a long ride. But I did it. And I rode relatively fast, too.

Back to this morning: Tuesday's is when my favorite instructor teaches Spin at 6:00 a.m. Or so I thought...

As I picked up my ticket and shower towel, I happened to glance up at the chalk board that has the *latest* schedule. It read, "6:00 a.m. Power Spin: Kathryn."


Kathryn is the WORST instructor ever. I hate her classes. I tried her 3 times, just to be sure she sucked. By the 3rd time, I practically walked out.

Muttering obscenities in my head, I stalked to the locker room to change out of my padded Spin shorts into running shorts. I trudged up to the Fitness Floor and got on the treadmill.

I thought I was going to die.

I couldn't believe it! How could someone who managed a 28 mile bike ride at a very decent clip with a avg. Heart Rate of 165 the whole time barely survive a 30 min. run? I was EXHAUSTED! And I even took yesterday off.

Geez. Those 3 weeks really knocked the crap out of me. And I guess the bit of weight I gained in that time wasn't too helpful either.


Ugh. Nothing like starting at the bottom.

On a positive note, I DID make it to work early... : )
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Summer 2010

Ahh... "The Lesbian Test..."

Thanks to kemayo, I now know which kind of "lesbian" I am.

You can find out what you are, too: Butch / Femme Test


Your score placed you in the category of Androgyne. This is the true middle of the road, neither butch nor femme. You may also wish to review Soft Androgyne and Hard Androgyne, the two categories surrounding you. In a ranking across the femme/butch gamut, if 1 is femme and 100 is butch, you fall between 48 and 52 on the scale. For a review of where you fall in the overall population in numbers, refer to this chart. Your group encompasses folks of all types, genders, and orientations, though is not as large a part of the population as the hard and soft androgynes surrounding you.


You are the best of both worlds, and have absolutely no feeling of being either femme or butch. You see yourself as "you" and that's all that matters. You dislike labels, surprised yourself by even taking this test, and are now laughing as you identify with this definition!

You switch roles fluidly without thinking from nurturing/subordinate to providing/leading as the situation demands. You are often a jack or jill of all trades and master of a few, but not all.

In clothing you go for the practical, not always bothering with the concept of neatness if that interferes with comfort or the time it takes to get dressed. Wrinkles don't drive you crazy, though you do prefer to keep reasonably up to date in your style, without going to any extreme in it.

You are shy in many ways, being intimidated by overt aggression as well as complete silence in a conversation. You tend to babble to fill silent space and clam up when confronted.

Odds are good astrologically that you are a Libra, Pisces, Gemini, or Aquarius.

You're willing to try anything once as long as it does not pose a risk to you. You're also good at doing just about any job, as long as you find a way to get trained for it. Physically, you're average in fitness, not being overly concerned about being either "curvy" or "chisled". If you are female and have some endowments, you wear a bra in public but not at home.

For partners you are comfortable with all types, for you are a peacemaker and changeling at heart, changing yourself to fit the situation and avoid hostility. You aren't a doormat, though, and do express your opionions.
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I am getting roommates. It's only for 3 months, but still... R O O M M A T E S !

I've gotten quite accustomed to living alone. I've grown to love my hermit lifestyle. Well, not exactly hermit, but I go out and come home to an empty house. Or I fill my house with people when I choose to. No matter what, the place was mine. No one else would come and go unless I allowed them to.

But, I've come to accept the fact that I am not going to poke a dent in my debt with this expensive lifestyle I have. So I need to take some temporary drastic measures. Well, just this one because it literally cuts my monthly rent in half. They're sharing 1 room (it's a female couple) because I can not give up my office.

At least it's only temporary. They'll be here for Sept., Oct., Nov., and Dec. $700 times 4 means $2800 that can go towards paying down my ridiculous debt that resulted from being laid off. (st00pid economy...)

I guess it's going to be tough because I need to learn how to live with people again. I'm so not interested. But oh well, such is life. I have to suck it up.

And one of the girls, Jenny, took me in when I went through that ridiculous break-up in October. She lived in a studio. Talk about TINY, yet she shared her home with me and never made me feel bad about it. And they helped me find this place I'm in now.

They're trying to purchase a house together. By moving in with me they can save a lot of $$. So, since I owe them a lot, this is the least I can do. Plus I spent almost 3 weeks living at Jenny's with both her and Ciara there, so I know what it's like to share living quarters with them. It's not bad. They're great people and I love them very much.

I just hate giving up a part of my independence.
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