September 2nd, 2001


Perhaps in poor taste, but...

When many people are in their darkest hour, they tend to turn to Jesus, begging Him for His help, guidance, or strength. Being the Catholic that I am, I do the same thing. However, I do not attend church because of the lovely things that have been said about gays, particularly by this guy who claims to love *everyone*. And, no, I don't want to be "forgiven," I want to be accepted for *me* as I am.

Anyway, wow, I just managed a little rant, didn't I? Well, the point of what I was saying is that in my times of crisis or just when I'm overwhlemed, I merely look for a good laugh. And who says you can't turn to Jesus for that as well?

Thanks to Andrea, I now have book marked my new favorite site that's guranteed to make me smile in my true times of need. Perhaps it'll make you smile, too, who knows?

Take a look at J2K.1...
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Summer 2010

"Best friends are we, Mia and Me...!"

Another point to back up the case that Mia was meant to be mine...

I'm sitting in my office, trying to decide what to do first, as it is TRASHED... bills, magazines, CD's... just CRAP everywhere. Probably why it's Mia's favorite room in the whole house.

Anyway, this is the 4th time I've seen her do this within the last two days... after an all-out session of my chasing her around, playing peek-a-boo, wrestling matches (her vs. my hand or her vs. a tampon), and the like, she often likes to take a nap in whatever room I happen to be in, which usually ends up being the office. The office typically has the bass-pumping sounds of trance coming out of it, but for a kitty that's surely meant to be mine, that certainly does not impede on the ability to drop off into a deep sleep while curled up in a ball on top of an RCN bill that reads, "Final Notice..."

Ahhh... I've said it before and I'll say it again... Mia's a kitten after my own heart...
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Kitty Korner Komber... How Marvelously Klever...!

Between the combination of my being sick, having my symptoms aggravated by allergies, the "laundry list" of cat-owner to-do's from MizDarkGirl, and my need to be productive, I cleaned my office.

Now, this is nothing to sneeze at! (pun intended, har har) My office was TRASHED. Basically since the day I moved in. Stuff everywhere. The biggest task was organizing ALL of my bill stubs and receipts into month-order. I keep a binder for every year.

But I grew lax when I moved here. So with each new month, I'd throw the bills onto a pile in the corner. This pile became a small mountain. Lulu, Francis, and up until today, Mia LOVED to roll in it. Imagine a pile that's been accumulating since I moved here (November 2000) that probably had a ton of dust and hair from 3 different cats! An allergy enhancer waiting to happen.

Well! Can we just say that this project took me 5.5 hours????????? And the bills were so dusty and dirty. I'm surprised I didn't pass out from all the wheezing. As the commercial went "Ahhhh... Allegra...!"

After I finished organizing everything, I recycled a lot of unneeded items. Whoa! Next thing, I vacuumed. My office now echoes! Who knew such filth and paper could trap sound?

Anyway, now that the office spic and span, I assembled this nifty little item I'd bought to help in minimizing Mia's future hairballs. It's called the Kitty Korner Komber. You stick catnip in it and then attach it to a wall's corner that comes out. It has two sides for each side of the wall and is covered in little bristles. So supposedly Mia will love it so much, she'll rub against it, the comb's bristles will catch her hair, reducing the amount of hair that she swallows and, in turn, would yak up.

Pretty Klever, eh??

Anyway, in all of this Kitty Kleaning excitement, I totally forgot about biking with Christian! Dammit. I could use the lung-liberating exercise. Perhaps I can convince him to ride tomorrow?

Anyway, I'm off to shower, take Mia out on her leash to play in the yard, then tend to Lulu and Francis. And yes, after the "Hiss Fest" of yesterday, Mia will not be joining me on this evening's visit...
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Mia's First Bath...

...and she did not like it one bit. But after all of the squirming and kicking, my arms are an array of zig zag scratches and Mia smells yummy.

During the entire process she let out the most pathetic high pitched "mews." Then when we were done I toweled her off and she buried her face in my neck, shaking. Now the poor drowned rat of a kitten is pretty much dry and sleeping in our bed under the covers. This way she won't catch another cold.

I am having the WORST time breathing. It's an effort to expand my chest with each breath. Oh well, at least the house and the cat are clean. Tomorrow I'll go for a run and a bike ride to clear out my system.

But man, I feel like crap.
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