January 10th, 2002



I really would like to know why life insists on being so difficult for people who really don't deserve it. One of my clients, who was my second HW client ever and has stuck with me all along, diligently seeing me 2x a week at 6:30 a.m., despite the grueling demands of med school, which means many many sleepless nights due to stress and studying, not to mention endless pressures and (probably not intentional) negative (and I mean SEVERELY negative) reinforcement to lose weight from her family...

Hmm. Looking back on that sentence, I realized that the true nature of what she goes through can not be done justice through this journal entry. You'd have to be there, watching her as she summons intensity, focus, and drive from some mystical internal reserve after only getting 3 hours of sleep 4 or 5 nights in a row due to writing papers, going on clinicals, taking several exams, etc.

The hardest thing about it all is that she's a walking textbook case of why sleep deprivation can be EXTREMELY detrimental to fitness progress. When your body is so exhausted, it will do anything to try and conserve energy. This typically means slowing the metabolism and hanging onto EVERYTHING you eat, no matter how little it is, and storing it. So over the past few months my client has been lifting and doing cardio, EXACTLY as I've told her to. She's one of my strongest clients ever, but she's not losing fat. Her body's clinging to it.

I saw her right before the holidays and knew she was in for a hard time. I gave her a huge hug good-bye and wished her good luck. Right after New Year's I received a phone call from her to schedule a session and talk about how her family visits were. Sure enough, they were brutal: family laying into her weight, saying she's not trying hard enough, that she'll never get a boyfriend, et al.

I nearly cried for her. So we were both excited that the holidays were over because she's in a semester where she doesn't have to attend classes, but do all of her studying on her own. This means she'd be able to get the sleep her body so badly needs and then her metabolism would return to normal soon.

Today was to be session number 2 of the new year. As I drove through Copley, searching for parking, my cell phone rang. It was my client. She sounded very upset, her voice breaking.

"Liz, can we meet later today?" she asked. "I didn't get any sleep last night, I was up pretty much the whole time, upset. My mother just found out she has breast cancer and she'll have to go through 6 to 8 months of chemotherapy after they remove the tumor on Tuesday..."

I nearly dropped the phone. She doesn't need for this to be happening. (Then again, who ever does??) After discussing details of what's to happen with her Mom, I told her I'd be glad to meet later, for her to go back and try to get more sleep, and that I'd talk to her later in the day.

This just isn't right. Replaced with one set of stresses is even more. And this stress is even greater than last year's.

**shaking my head**

I just don't get it. I really don't. I'm going to do everything I can to be there, friendship and fitness-wise. I just hate that that is all I can really do. None of this makes sense to me.
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Summer 2010

Oh, Henry!

So, thanks to the most incredible Christmas gift from G, Mia's going to see a vet today!! I'm so excited! Especially because I don't think it could have been more timlier. Mia's suddenly been sneezing a lot lately and scratching at her ears. (Which has led to Cora doing the same)

So, if she's got a "kitty kold" and/ or ear mites, it'll be taken care of. I'm glad, I don't like her being sick. Plus we're going to host a foster kitty for a couple months, too. So it'll be nice to have Mia and Cora in a clean bill of health.

No, it's not Sarah, she actually was adopted almost immediately following the ad.

However, there's another adorable 7 month old male kitten who's having a tough time. He's EXTREMELY shy, especially with humans. He's curious, but won't get within 5 feet of the adoption agency lady. With so many cats around, she doesn't have the chance to give him the nurturing attention he needs. It's too overwhelming for the kitten with so many other cats running around.

I told the woman I'd be happy to help, but that I absolutely can't keep him. My house is too full and I'm not in a financial place to do it. I went out to the agency the other night to meet him, but not take him until after Mia and Cora have seen the vet. Since the kitten has a clean bill of health, it'd be best not to put him in the potential position of catching anything.

So, I went with Kris to meet the little guy. All I can say is, "AWWWWWW!!!!" Hiding away in the corner of a crate was this little gray blur of fluff!

The woman who runs the shelter has been calling him "Smokey." Blah, what a horrible name for a cat! I took one look at his little sweet, timid face and though, "Oh, Henry!"

So, either tomorrow or Saturday we'll be welcoming little Henry into our home for some social rehabilitation and love. I know that he'll do great with Mia's outgoing, fun, and sweet personality, not to mention Cora's more timid, yet equally loving and mischievious little self!

Henry will have the opportunity to interract with two kitties who will play with him and also give him the chance to see that some humans are, in fact, loving and can be fun to be around.

The reason I agreed to help is because many older cats who are shy have an even harder time getting a home. Most people want a pet who'll play and be an active part of the family, not hide and hiss. So I figure if Henry can learn how to trust and be a little more social, he'll have a better opportunity of going to a family and not have to live out his life at the smelly shelter.

On that note, I need to get dressed. But infinite "thanks" to G (and "thanks" isn't even enough) for giving Mia such an incredible gift. It means a great deal to me...
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By the way...

If anyone has room in their home for probably one of the most sweetest and adorable cats I have ever met, you should consider this guy.

While I was being introduced to Henry, I got to meet Black Beauty and Smudge. These cats were hysterical! Smudge was definitely more "up my alley" in terms of personality and behavior. I crouched next to him, put my hand on top of his head and said, "Smmmmmmudge!" and when I finished out the drawn out "mmmmm," I'd run my hand over his face on "udge." He loved it, waving his tail and looking up at me.

However, Black Beauty was definitely more endearing of the two. He was very gentle, would get on his hind legs for a treat, and purr contentedly when petted. Just too precious!! I hope he finds a good home, he definitely would be a great loving companion.
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