March 8th, 2002



I'm so sick, I can't stand it. After a successful sick-free season, I finally got hit with a bad chest cold. It's gross, too. I wound up cancelling all of today's clients. Today was the first day since October that I slept in without an alarm. It was weird!

Anyway, in staying home I managed to spend quality time with the children. : )There's nothing like snuggling in a big warm bed with my two little kitties. Of course, Henry would probably be snuggliest of them all, but the little brat will only get within 3 feet.

Speaking of which, I called the adoption agency woman and asked her where he came from. I'd like to know what gave him such a big fear of humans at such a young age. He's only about 8.5 months old now.

Turns out he was born in a JP junkyard on Amory St. There was a colony of ferrals that they tried to trap, Henry being one of them back when he was a teeny furball. If he was born and partially raised in a sketch part of town, he probably bore witness to some bad things... maybe had a human throw something at him, or watched a human do something to another cat. Who knows? But his fear of people is far beyond just being shy.

Anyway, despite being sick, it is nice having a full day off for myself. Okay, back to bed...
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