April 11th, 2002


"It's a beautiful day in the neigh-- SKREEEEEEEETCH!"

I was so excited because today was the first time this season that I was able to make the 40 min. commute to HW downtown via my bike with shorts and a t-shirt, rather than in lined pants, thick gloves, earband, two shirts and a fleece, one of those reflecting pant leg holder thingies, and an oversized back pack.

What a breath-taking ride! Things are just beginning to kick into bloom, the air had a very slight cool breeze, the sun was bright, and my KHS Flite 800 flew like the wind!

I had reached the portion of the Charles River path where I exit to Mass Ave. and was crossing the sidewalk where cars stop as they depart Storrow drive and turn onto Mass Ave. when a cab decided not to stop at the stop sign. As I was directly in front of his cab, I yelped "Whoa- HEY!" and hopped my bike a few inches to my right. (gotta love clip-in shoes on a feather-weight bike... instant air!) He missed me by just under 4 inches.

His window was open, so he heard me call him an obscenity as his fare in the backseat looked on in horror. She looked like she'd almost had a heart attack because I noticed as I yelled that she'd seen me before Idiot Cabbie did.

Ugh. These situations tend to happen to me once a season. Let's hope that today was the first and last.

In other news, I joined a Division 3A soccer league. The first game is this sunday, but it's not enough time for me to afford cleats or any other necessary gear, so I will join them for the second game next Sunday.

I haven't played soccer since I was 15 after a scarring incident (both literal and figurative). The one time I wore my glasses to a practice because I'd ripped a contact lense, a teammate kicked the ball directly into my face. The left lense popped out and hit me right above my eye, gushing blood everywhere. It didn't hurt too much, but it wrecked my ability to play. Each time I'd charge a ball, I'd wind up flinching and ducking, much to the dismay of my teammates.

But I'm hoping 10 years later that this will have changed. (Yikes- How old do I feel now?? Saying "10 years later..." ugh.)

At any rate, I'd decided that I wanted Sunday mornings off from work and this would be a great way to spend that time.

Now I need to practice kicking... : ) Perhaps I can recruit the help of my little Mia, since she was named after Mia Hamm when she'd displayed amazing ball handling skills at 4 weeks old...
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Summer 2010

LOL: "Empty airliner rolls onto L.A. street"

The article just discusses how a mechanical malfunction caused a plane to roll away while being serviced. But my favorite line was this: "The plane was parked outside a maintenance hanger when it rolled away, according to a statement from American Airlines."

How random. It just "rolled away." Imagine driving along and seeing a plane come on out into the middle of the highway.


Empty airliner rolls onto L.A. street
LAX spokesman calls it mechanical error

April 11, 2002 Posted: 1:53 AM EDT (0553 GMT)

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- An empty American Airlines jet rolled through a fence onto a nearby street at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday morning.

There were no injuries.

The Boeing 767 hit some power lines and its nose extended about 15 feet onto World Way West, a four-lane street used by airport employees, authorities said.

The plane was parked outside a maintenance hanger when it rolled away, according to a statement from American Airlines.

Gaby Pacheco, an airport spokesman, said the mishap appeared to stem from some sort of mechanical error. Airport police were investigating.

The plane rolled slowly enough that traffic on the street was not affected, Pacheco said.
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