May 28th, 2002


Not Since August...

Nothing like getting caught in a storm for 40 minutes on a skinny road bike.

So, as my clothes, backpack, and all of my backpack's contents dry out (Palm Pilot, cell phone, wallet, extra clothes, sneakers, etc.), I thought I'd cozy up in front of Sarah's computer, eat lunch, and update la journal.

This past weekend was my first "vacation" since August of last year when I went out to Chicago to see Monica. I haven't had any weekends to myself, so taking Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off was a huge deal to me.

And I spent it all with Sarah. In fact, I probably wouldn't have taken it off if I wasn't with Sarah, so it was all the more special.

Saturday marked our 1 month anniversary, so we decided to go hiking at the Fellsway. I woke up at 7:15, went running for an hour and then got ready to go. When we arrived at the entrance just after the Stoneham Zoo, we were both in awe. It was BEAUTIFUL! The body of water that seemed to outline everything was crisp and blue, the air was warm and our surroundings smelled of Spring.

Hand in hand, Sarah and I ventured onto one of the trails. We moved at a pretty clipped pace, stopping every now and then to admire a sight (or each other).

At one point we took a break and gathered each other up into our arms. As we gazed into one another's eyes, I said, "I love you."

Sarah looked back at me and said softly, "And I love you."

I caught my breath. With joy in my heart and her words echoing in my head, we shared a passionate kiss. I could already tell that she loved me, but it sent tingles through my whole body to hear it spoken for the first time.

That girl is something else.

After we finished our hike, Sarah had us drive to the unfinished furniture store in our town. I didn't even know it existed, but tucked away behind a Starsucks was a great little store that was filled with all kinds of household items made of wood.

Sarah's seen the condition of my office. It's a disaster. Long ago my bookcase caved, so I tossed it out and was unable to replace it. My office is filled with boxes upon boxes of books and binders.

That's soon to change, however. Standing in my hallway courtesy of Sarah are two tall wooden bookcases. ^_^

It's going to take hours to organize that sty I work out of.

After bookcase shopping, we set out to do a rather challenging thing: cutting Mia, Cora, and Henry's nails.

Mia was first and not too bad. She kicked at first because I haven't done her nails in quite some time, but then she settled down. Cora was a breeze.

Henry was, well, Henry. Sarah and I chased him for 10 minutes. Finally she caught him in a towel and held him to her. He squirmed, he kicked, he hissed, but he didn't bite. But poor Sarah's arms got the brunt of the kicks from Henry's back legs.

Finally Sarah calmed him down and we set to work. The whole time we clipped his nails, Mia scratched at the bedroom door calling, "Purrr-meee? Purrr-meeee? Purrrr-meee?"

"Quiet, you little ho," I called back. Thank goodness she gets spayed in the first week of June.

As we clipped Henry's back paws, we made a gruesome discovery: He had sh*t all over his butt. (Surprise Surprise, Mr. Fireplace Squatter)

"He's getting a bath," Sarah informed me.

"Okay," I agreed.

He jumped out of Sarah's arms and ran around the bedroom when we finished the last paw. Funnily enough, he decided to seek refuge in the cat carrier that was in my room.

"Fine with me," Sarah laughed as Henry hid in the back of the carrier.

She shut the door and carried him to the bathroom. When we finally got inside, I latched the door.

Sarah sighed. "You ready?"


Sarah opened the door and grabbed hold of Henry. While she held him in the sink, I scrubbed his body. Ew, he was dirty!!! And I was stunned to discover that he was a thin cat, not the lumbering little bulk I'd originally thought. His fur is quite deceiving.

Henry was not a happy cat. Finally when he was done, Sarah wrapped him in a towel and rubbed him down, followed by me brushing him. His tail had a LOT of knots, so I wound up cutting out more than half of his tail. Poor guy, he looked chewed.

After we were done, Henry fled the scene. Poor Sarah then assessed her wounds. I cringed. One of her arms was torn up a bit.

We headed over to Sarah's house to do her cat, Emersen. "Your cats were a walk in the park compared to Emersen," she informed me.

"Goody," I groaned.

Sarah caught Emersen in a towel and sat on the couch. As she shifted her paws around for me to clip the claws, Emersen wailed like a 2 year old child who didn't want to take a nap.


I could barely clip, I was laughing so hard.

Sarah got a few good kicks out of Emersen as well, poor thing.

Anyway, after all that mess, we got cleaned up to have dinner with her friend Amanda. Amanda was the woman who told Sarah about and got her to reply to the ads. So I had a lot to thank her for, that's for sure. ^_^

After all that, we settled in for the night. Sunday was more of a lazy day. Lots of sleeping and what not. Later on we went over to HW to get Sarah a membership. I'm now training her 3 times per week, so it made sense for her to join my gym.

I trained her and then she decided she wanted to watch me lift. She loves my muscles and so she wanted to see what I did to get and keep them. Heeheehee...

Monday also was more of a laid back day. We slept in pretty late and then cleaned her house. Later on we went and saw Spiderman (even better the second time around) at the same theater we saw Life Or Something Like It. And it was even in the same auditorium. I got chills thinking of our first kiss we shared there.

When the movie ended, we walked out and headed into Harvard Square to eat at John Harvard's. While we were walking toward the restaurant, Sarah decided to stop in City Sports. She bought herself shoes and new workout stuff for both of us. I was psyched because I needed a new tank top and shorts.

By the time we got home, I was tired. But not that tired... ^_^

5:00 a.m. came too soon today. I was very sad as I rode my bike to work. It was hard to leave the nice warm bed with Sarah in it behind. Plus she looks so sweet as she sleeps, so that makes it even worse. I just want to stay there and caress her hair, cheeks, eyes, lips... she's so beautiful.

God, I love that girl. I can't wait until 4th of July weekend... 4 glorious days off with my amazing girlfriend! ^_^
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Each weekday morning Sarah and I seem to have this ritual. The alarm goes off at 5:00 a.m., I stumble out of bed to shut it off, then crawl back in beside Sarah for just "5 more minutes."

After the "5 more minutes," I stumble back out of bed and get dressed for work. 15 minutes later, I'm ready to go. I return to Sarah's bedside and kiss her gently on the cheek or forehead and say, "Honey, I'm leaving now..."

Now, until I brought it up last week, Sarah had no clue we did this. She's usually in a fog when I leave, but ever since I mentioned it, she's paid a little more attention. But until that point, she did the same adorable thing every morning.

After I'd kiss her on the cheek, Sarah would wrap her arms around me, pull me close and say in a sleepy, cute voice, "mine."

"Honey, I have to go..." I say in gentle protest.

"Mine," she'd repeat, not letting go.

We'd go through this for 5 or 10 minutes until I'd finally promise to give her usual wake-up call at 8:00 a.m.

It's the cutest thing ever and I treasure it.

Over the weekend Sarah and I had dropped by my house to pick something up. As we arrived, Sarah fumbled around with my cell phone. The read out on the face said, "Circuit Girl."

"What's that?" Sarah asked me.

"Circuit Girl?" I said. "It's my favorite club."

"Oh," she nodded.

I went inside my house and within a minute my phone rang. It was my cell phone on the caller i.d. Sarah was calling to remind me to grab something else. I retrieved the item, left my house, and drove us to her house.

Yesterday I was driving to the store and picked up my cell phone to call a client. As I flipped the cover open, the backlight came on and I saw that the readout had changed. "Circuit Girl" was no longer on display.

Instead it simply read, "Mine."

I love that girl. I am most definitely "her's."